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Thursday, January 22, 2015

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Chromecast vs Apple TV vs Roku – Pricing and Specifications Comparison

Chromecast vs Apple TV vs Roku – Pricing and Specifications Comparison By – Apr 24, 2014 1 1 SHARE

This is the age of media streaming devices and has grown in popularity over the last few years. Only recently, there have been a handful of competitors who did not offer great devices.

This has changed especially after the arrival of Apple into the business. Apple came in with the Apple TV. Roku 3 has dominated this segment for a long time, while the entry of Google with its Chromecast is likely to shake up the industry as a whole. All three devices offer different features and different pricing that make them appealing to different users.


One of the main criteria when it comes to media streaming devices is value for money. Even though they have come a long way since its inception, this industry is still in its infancy and people will still rely upon the regular TV content. Hence, the media streaming device is likely to be an occasional use product. In this case, all three devices offer exceptional value for money, but more importantly, their pleasing aesthetically. They are different in the way they approach the customer.

The Roku 3 is a device that looks fairly average in terms of build quality and design, but it offers exceptional features to compensate for this disadvantage. Chromecast, meanwhile, looks like a USB device and is exceptional value for money. The best of the lot when it comes to the design is Apple TV. Apple’s philosophy of simple yet elegant design speaks volumes in the product.

Features Wins it for Roku 3

As a box, Roku 3 still leads the pack with its feature rich content. The media streamer can support more than 1000 apps and this library includes several popular channels like HBO Go, Pandora, Netflix, TWC TV, and Amazon Instant. One should also not forget the presence of YouTube as well. Another positive aspect of the Roku 3 box is the regular stream of updates that comes to the user even after years of purchase. Hence, it is more likely that the Roku 3 box will support the latest apps even after a couple of years.

Price Wins it for Chromecast

Price is such a major aspect of a media player and it is probably one of the first decisions that make an impact on the sales. Chromecast leads the way in this aspect by offering a device for just $ 35. Roku 3, which retails at around $ 100, may have lots of features, but it will struggle to beat the price of Chromecast. Apple TV also loses out in this regard with a retail price of $ 100.

Apple TV Best for Apple Eco-System

One of the biggest advantages of Apple TV is its ability to sync beautifully within an Apple ecosystem. For those who have a lot of Apple gadgets, the Apple TV will be the perfect device. It still comes with the AirPlay feature that helps it to stream content to other Apple devices in the vicinity. Such positive aspects, though, do not tend to overlook the fact that some important apps are not available.


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