Clash of Clans 7.65 APK Latest Version Free To Download

A new version of Clash of Clans has been released and can be downloaded from the internet or from the Google Play Store. This new version comes with some new features and the game is running smother than before.

If you like playing strategy types of games on your Android device, then we suggest you to try out Clash of Clans. This game was created by Supercell and we can clearly say that it is one of the most played games on Android mobile devices.

In Clash of Clans, you will need to take care of village by constructing and upgrading structures. If you are not used to strategy games, you will get a bit “dizzy” in the first minutes, but we assure you that you will get used to the game quite fast. The game is pretty simple when you start playing it, as the villages you will raid are not that hard to defeat. However, once you start gaining more trophies and climb the ladder, you will notice that you will get better defended villages, where you will have to use a strategy to destroy them.

In time, you will know what each troop does and has pros and cons. For example, Giants are the tanks in this game and you should put them in the front lines. This way, you will be able to protect your archers, wizards and other troops that have lower health points, but a good damage.

The best way to get resources is by stealing them from other players, so we suggest you to practice raiding as much as you can. This way, you will understand the game faster and it will be easier for you in the higher leagues.

Clash of Clans 7.65.5 APK: What’s new?

– You can now bookmark up to 30 clans and view them anytime you want
– From now on, each time you attack a village, you will firstly get a preview of your army
– You can now change your name! (keep in mind that this works only ONE time)
– A new building has been added, which is called The Air Sweeper and it blows the attacking air units away!

Clash of Clans 7.65.5: How to install

In order to install the latest version of Clash of Clans on your Android device, you just have to open the Google Play Store and search for the game. Once you find it, you will be able to update/install the latest version of Clash of Clans on your Android device.

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