Clash of Clans – A Brand New Community for your Free Download

Social gaming is turning really social.

All the social games, like Travian, have had large communities that have helped them grow into the phenomenal success that they became. Clash of Clans, which has already reached the status of a real gaming phenomenon, has also introduced a gaming community for its players. The players can not only play the game, but also leave tips, tricks, queries, and friendly chitchat on the community pages. This is an exclusive initiative by Pocket Gamer

The Clash of Clans Community

The Clash of Clans Community page is unlike any of the text heavy, boring community pages you may have ever seen. This colorful and bright page has different sections and tabs that allow you to navigate easily through a lot of interesting content. You have the main page, also called the ‘hub’ where you can find the latest news content – simple tutorials, help sections, videos, and news.


This is the page where you can find everything newsworthy about your favorite game. Whether it is a new update, or an announcement of one, you will be able to find information about all of it here on this page. The page is an aggregation of all the latest newsworthy items relating to Clash of Clans and you can click on a tile to get full details and read the news item.


This tab has exclusive Clash of Clans ‘how to’ and tutorial videos. Here you can watch everything you want to know about this game and how to score big on it. Whether you need help with your resources, or a specific strategy for exacting revenge on someone who looted you some time ago, here you will find all the information that you may be looking for. You can skin through the list of videos in this section and choose to watch the ones that meet your requirement. You can also bookmark them for viewing later.


These are exclusive pieces written by Clash of Clans experts to help you with your game. These feature stories will give you breakdowns of various elements of the game to help you understand them better. You will also be able to find total beginner’s guides, guides to unlocking achievements, how to play and many more guides and walk-throughs.

Tips and Walk-throughs

As the name suggests, this section is specifically meant for all the players who want to learn a little more about the game. So if you are feeling a little out of your league, this is where you go to get your tips and walk-throughs. In this section, you will find detailed strategies and guides to ace your game. If you are stuck at a point and do not know how to move forward, keep checking this page and someone will help you with your situation.


Since the game is so popular, who would not want a few barbarians, archers, goblins, or wizards on their device screens? Find all kinds of game wallpapers here to fit all screen sizes and resolutions. This section is still not live, but soon will be as more and more players begin to submit content.

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