Clash of Clans – The New Update that Improves Clan Wars on your Free Download

It’s no secret that Clash of Clans is a hugely popular mobile phone game.

The game, which has been declared a huge hit by the number of users who play it on a daily basis, has recently had some major improvements added to it. Included in them, is the Clan Wars update that was very well received by all the players of the game. This update allows clans to go to war with each other, allowing them a chance to aim at bigger and better loots.

The Clan Wars Update

The recent Clan Wars update is one of the most significant updates in the history of the game. It now allows clans to look for wars on the war map. The randomized war finding software pairs up two clans of equal strength and allows them to battle it out in a war zone. Each member can be a part of this battle, and if one clan has more members than the other, the clan with the more members will have some of its members acting out as spectators. This is done to ensure that warring clans are evenly matched against each other. The Clan Wars happen over a period of two days. The first day is for each clan to prepare for battle and get their war bases ready. Once the first 24 hours elapse, the warring clans can make no further changes to their war bases. These war bases are different from the individual members’ villages, and therefore any damage sustained during the Clan Wars is not taken forward to the warring members’ own villages. Both clans can attack the other clans’ base and loot as much as they can. In the end, the base that has sustained more damage will eventually lose. Each member of the winning clan will get some bonus loot, and the clan itself will get a lot of loot that can be used to optimize offense and defense strategies.

The Clan Wars Improvements

Since Clan Wars became an instant hit with players, SuperCell introduced some new improvements to make the game and the gaming experience even smoother. First, the developers improved the servers to ensure smoother warring experience for all users. Earlier, the Dark Elixir was rounded closest to 500 as bonus loot; however, that has been changed now. All the war loot that is lying inside your clan castle can now be completely safe as no one can attack it. However, the clan castle has a limit to all the resources it can hold, so it is best to ensure that you optimize your loot and use it to prep up your assault or defenses. If you loot more than what your clan castle can hold, you will end up losing all of the spill over. The war matchmaking software has also received an improvement. Earlier, the maximum time to find you a war used to be 24 hours, but now, with the improvements, the software will attempt to find you a match within 3 hours. If it is not successful, your war request will be canceled automatically and you will have to look for a war again.

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