CyanogenMod – Is It Good For Your Android Device?

CyanogenMod simply known as CM is an open source custom operating system for tablet computers and smartphone used to replace Android based firmware.

It is used to modify the stock Android smartphone-the Android platform is an open source that users are free to optimize. Unfortunately, manufacturers have imposed certain restrictions on the smartphones. But through rooting, the Androids enthusiasts have found workarounds to these restrictions that enables them to get total access to android device.

Rooting is the process that allows Android users to replace the stock firm with a more advanced one. From the time rooting was discovered, developers have been making ROMs and distributing them to the Android users. With time, CM has become the most popular custom ROM supporting over 30 different devices and with over 200,000 users.

Why Use CyanogenMod?
cyanogen CyanogenMod   Is It Good For Your Android Device?

The main purpose of using CM is to make your Android device better, faster and a more versatile device. CM delivers 100% pure Android experience free from skins, UI customization and bloatware that many manufacturers tend to ship their devices with. After rooting with CM, there is overall improvement in smartphone’s performance, battery life and responsiveness.

CM is always on top of the android’s versions. By using CM, you will get the top most-up-to-date Android version that will enable you to enjoy advanced version of the software even if the manufacturer has not officially released an update. In addition, you get support for Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB tethering, you get continuous and better autofocus while shooting videos, and also a special incognito mode anytime you want the browsing history to remain unrecorded.

What else can you do with CyanogenMod?
cyanogenmod 11 android 4 4 2 kitkat arrives galaxy note 3 lte how install 600x300 CyanogenMod   Is It Good For Your Android Device?

There is so much more you can do with CM, most notably, you can customize your android device with CyanogenMod. For example;

Install themes.

If you are so much on colors and device personalization, CM is perfectly yours. You can pick any default themes or download CM themes in the Android market.

Custom profiles.

CM allows you to set a complete bunch of different profiles that will alter the behavior of your phone. These profiles will save settings for thing like mobile data, Wifi and Bluetooth to give you control over how much data your phone uses in a day. You can also tweak how SMS, email and other notifications come.

Advanced gestures.

Many Androids phones come with limited gestures. With CM you can get has many advanced gestures as you want. Though this feature may not work well for all phones, it works perfectly well on the One Plus One. For example, you can draw a circle on the screen for the camera to launch, when the music is playing, a vertical swipe with two fingers will play or pause the audio among many other gestures.

Phone Goggle.

This is not phone Google. This is for people who would like to avoid calling someone’s number or even messaging them by mistake. It is like a 2nd check on outgoing the messages and calls.

There is so much from CM. All in all, CM improves Android device performance making it better, faster and more versatile device. CM delivers 100% pure Android experience alongside other many reasons you should try CyanogenMod.

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