DICE Promises Fall Patch, Fixing Issues for Battlefield 4

Earlier, DICE admitted that they have smashed the gamers’ trust in them with Battlefield 4 which got off to a really bad start and didn’t work as it was supposed to.

In a recent interview, the company’s LA producer David Sirland said, “Our gamer community is much smarter than we probably gave them the credit for and we are working closely with them to provide the best game that they have been asking for”.

A lot of issues plagued the game when it got launched in 2013 including server issues, more bugs that you could ever count, glitches and player statistics missing among many others. The problems were so much that some of them joined hands and even filed a lawsuit against Electronic Arts for bringing out an unfinished game to the audience.

Issues Are A Thing of the Past

In the interview, David Sirland said, “We now strongly believe that all the issues that plagued the game is now in the past and we no longer have to worry about it. After the initial slow down, we have managed to fix a lot of problems, released new game play improvements and tweaks to the systems. The community test environment helped us achieve it and once the Fall patch gets released in some time, we are sure things are going to get a lot better. It is one of the biggest patches ever to get released for the game and when it does, we are sure to have accomplished what we promised for the game”.

Fall Patch Changes

When the fall patch gets released for Battlefield 4, players will find that the time to kill an enemy will be longer than the usual and the movement will be quite similar to the ones that you may have already experienced with Battlefield 3. Besides, you will also have the chance to move out of the firing line when someone starts shooting you, rather than having to die simply because they fired a few shots. “We have changed the weapon system as well, with the new heavy barrels and there are multiple netcode improvements too. The server performance has been tweaked and shaky animation for recoil has been removed to make it more stable”, he added.

The producer also clarified that they couldn’t ship the game in 2013 with all these improvements already added due to technical issues, the time available and many causes rather than one. He confirmed that in future releases, such blunders wouldn’t repeat, for sure.


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