DICE Says Battlefield 4’s Bad Launch Smashed Gamers’ Trust

The producer at DICE has finally come out of the shell and accepted that the rocky launch of Battlefield 4 which took place last year has literally smashed the trust that gamers had on the company.

Speaking about the upcoming Battlefield Hardline and the future of the franchise, producer David Sirland said, “We have lost the trust because the game never satisfied the way it was meant to be, but I think we have to earn that back now by doing the right things”.

The Game Spoiled DICE’s Reputation

When Battlefield 4 got launched in 2013, it was an absolute disaster. EA never accepted the fact but gamers were so hard on DICE because they paid $60 to play a completed game and not something that is still under beta phase. It has completely eradicated any hopes that gamers had on DICE to deliver a title that could actually run smoothly. It took almost over a year for the company to finally come to terms with their mistakes.

In a recent interview, David Sirland, the producer of DICE LA admitted that they have broken the trust but they could build it back by changing things. “At the company, we have changed a lot of processes so as to make sure such issues don’t happen again. We are looking forward to perfect our future installments and win back what we have lost”, he said.

Winning Is Not Easy

The producer in his interview admitted that it’s not easy winning it back. “Even though, we have changed processes and working hard on new installments, we think that there are lots of players who don’t believe in us anymore to deliver a stable launch. Instead of promising anything in words, I want to do. I want the gamers to look at what we are doing and it would be my answer. We have to do things to win their trust instead of saying things asking them to trust us. We will”.

From the interview that we had with DICE producer as well as EA CEO Andrew Wilson, it has been repeatedly confirmed that Battlefield 4 debacle will not be repeated again. They admitted that Battlefield game is a giant project because of which more inputs is necessary and the future games will be more open during the development process to fix bugs at an early stage. If they do so, a great feature awaits the franchise and its fans.


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