Do You Know Everything about Gmail? Think Again

Gmail is an email service that also supports advertising provided by Google.

It was designed by Paul Buchheit and was launched on April 1, 2004. This webmail can be accessed through IMAP4 & POP3 protocols and is known to be highly secure. Initially the service was released as an Invitation-only Beta release but it was available for the generic public on February 7, 2007. The service gained in exponential popularity in a few years only and the current number of users on Gmail is above 425 million. The major attraction of Gmail was that it provided a storage capacity of 1 GB per user as compared to the 2 to 4 MB storage capacity provided by Hotmail at the launch time. The current storage capacity of Gmail is 15 GB.

Features That One Cannot Refuse to Use

Gmail provides its users with a plethora of services. This has been a major reason behind its ever-increasing popularity. The “One account and access it all” facility of Google has made the users use this service even more. There are some exciting features such as the Google Drive and Google docs which provide a great comfort to the users as far as their professional lives is concerned. One can easily manage and keep his account tidy.

Updates and Rumors

One just can’t get bored from Gmail because of the frequent timely updates. The creativity team at Google also makes sure that the users get acquainted with all the new features. Some of the recent updates on Gmail are that the incoming and outgoing emails will be analyzed automatically by the software to create targeted ads. Although the users created a controversy regarding this scanning, but the Google spokesmen Matt Kallman clarified that all the updates released regarding Gmail are obtained through customer feedback only and it will provide more clarity to the users. The company announced a few days back that it will not scan the student’s accounts for targeted ads but no maneuvers could resist the company to scan the accounts of people other than students.

Future Prospects

The company is also planning to remove the “enable/disable” toggle in the Apps for Education Administrator console permanently. Moreover, the company claims that these education-specific changes are just a tip of the iceberg and in the near future there will be many major changes in Gmail for the business to government to legacy users.

Fittest Horse of the Race

Despite all such vulnerabilities and updates of Gmail, the email website is the most widely used service of its kinds. The ease of access that Gmail provides has not been matched by any of the other email service websites. For the last ten years, this giant has gained the trust of a considerable number of users and is certainly endeavoring to maintain the faith and trust among its prominent users. If you have not created any of the email accounts till date, then Gmail can be your first choice to enter the web world and connect to all.

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