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Friday, April 3, 2015

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Download and Install Viber on your PC and Enjoy Free and Affordable…

Download and Install Viber on your PC and Enjoy Free and Affordable Global Calls By – Dec 10, 2014 18 1 SHARE

Viber first came into being back in 2010 and since then, this app has been immense when it comes to amassing number of users and active installations.

Since its inception, this app has gone ahead and garnered more than 450 million users. All these can be attributed to the smart approach it has taken towards selling its services to different users across the globe.

When it first came into the market as a VoIP provider, Viber entered the niche as a mobile phone-based free voice calling app. The app later incorporated the video calling as well as text messaging aspects to their platform. As if all was not done, the developers of Viber moved swiftly and launched a PC version of their app. During this time, Viber had seen very little success, yet the company did not hesitate with this move. As it seems, this move paid off and now Viber’s user base is always on the rise thanks to its availability on both platforms.

This decision to come up with a PC version has also been helpful in providing great competition to the once undisputed VoIP provider, Skype.

Viber is a Smart Marketer

Viber came into the VoIP industry in 2010 and as if they knew what people wanted, the marketing team came up with a strategy of selling the app’s services as “free calling” and not a VoIP service provider. Even though Skype has been marketing itself as a VoIP service provider (voice and video calling over the internet that is also free), Viber’s approach made it an instant hit.

Despite the fact that both apps offer almost similar services, the ways in which both of them are presented to the public are different. Viber made a very smart move in posing itself as a free calling app since many people are excited with the sound of “free”. It sells what users want and not what it offers.

Viber is an Economical App

When Viber came into the VoIP industry, it was well aware of the dominance already established by Skype and in so doing; they had to come up with better and efficient ways of luring new users and “stealing” Skype’s current users.

Viber can be downloaded and installed as a freeware. Unlike WhatsApp which requires to be paid for after using it for the first year, Viber can be used for a lifetime without incurring any extra charges apart from the data packs. However, in order to enjoy these calls, it is important that you are connected to a good internet source, like 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. The developers of this app are also much aware of the poor network coverage encountered by many of its users and as such, the app is devising means of working better in such poor conditions.

Viber offers users with the ViberOut feature that enables them to make voice and video calls to friends and relatives not using Viber. When compared to a similar feature in Skype’s capacity, Viber offers more economical packages. In addition, it is much cheaper and more affordable to make international calls to landlines and other mobile numbers using Viber rather than using local mobile carriers.

While Skype is considered a better provider of VoIP services by its users, Viber is equally good in offering these services. On the contrary, Viber uses up less data as compared to what Skype uses. In this way, users are able to save a lot on the charges incurred for data packs.

Make Free Calls from PC to Phone and Vice-versa

If you are using Viber on your PC, there are high chances that you also have it on your smartphone. It is possible to make a call from a PC to a friend using Viber on a phone. It is also possible to make a call from a smartphone to a Viber user on a PC. Furthermore, the ability to sync these two devices makes it possible to continue a Viber conversation you started on a phone, from your PC and vice versa.

In its short period of existence, Viber has grown to become one of the best apps when matters of voice and video calling arise. Despite the few bugs that have been noted in the app, it is still young and it has so much potential of becoming the best provider of free calling services.


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