Download F-Secure Antivirus Latest Updates with the Latest Security Features

F-Secure Antivirus is among the fastest and actually the most effective antivirus software for protecting your PC against malware.

It is a program that can be relied upon for maximum PC protection against viruses, like Trojans and worms, as well as other spyware and malware programs that sniff around your data.

The internet is literally the leading source of viruses and here you’ll get issues to do with rootkits, cookies, email viruses, malware and spyware programs in addition to other numerous backdoor operations that can easily affect the normal functionality of a PC. The good news is that all these can easily be eliminated using F-Secure Antivirus software. This program also provides users with a number of other amazing features for PC protection.


Even though this software might be young in the industry, it has undergone numerous tests and as a result, it has been certified by experts as an antivirus program, similar to other top programs in this niche, for instance Avast, AVG and Kaspersky.

Hassle-Free Scanning and Installation

This program comes with hassle-free options for scanning. There is no need of preparing the PC before initiating the scanning process. Furthermore, users of F-Secure Antivirus, unlike with other antivirus programs, do not necessarily need to uninstall a previously installed antivirus software program before running F-Secure; it automatically completes the process.

Schedule System Scans

It is possible for users of F-Secure to schedule PC scans. Furthermore, users can organize this scheduled scan in a way that it only scans user-defined files or drives and at a user-defined time. The software also has an easy-to-use interface that is bright and very beautiful.

No Pop Ups

Unlike in other antiviruses that notify users of the scanning process with pop ups, F-Secure Antivirus individually handles the whole scanning process, and navigating the user interface actually feels like a piece of cake. This program also features a progress bar usually at the bottom right of your window to indicate the levels of protection in your PC at that given moment.

One new feature that this program brings to the antivirus world is the Deepguard 2.0 network. This acts like a lexicon with respect to internet threats. All threats are uploaded and vaulted in this network where people can view on the cloud; however, access to these features is limited.

Proactive Protection

F-Secure Antivirus uses heuristics to channelize its upbeat nature of protection. It checks and scans all files. To initiate a simple scan, simply click on the file you wish to scan and click on scan. This is true for compressed and zipped files and folders on removable devices too.

Additional Features

F-Secure Antivirus program enables regular deletion of the quarantine so that the system stays protected. In addition, the software auto schedules automatic scans to initiate after every two hours. This is a good way of ensuring your system is always protected, whether offline or online.

A major downside of this antivirus software program is that it does not offer users with protection against phishing. However, since the company is still fresh in the industry, we believe that this feature will soon be added to this already amazing antivirus software program.

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