Download Free Calling Apps and Stay Connected with the World

If Alexander Graham Bell were still alive, he would definitely be surprised to discover how far his precious telephone has evolved over the century.

On one hand, he might be amazed to see how efficient and easy today’s telecommunications have become. On the other hand, he might feel disappointed to realize that nowadays, people are using the landline telephones much less than before, as many become more inclined to download and use free calling apps on their iPhones, Android or other Smartphone to satisfy their telecommunication needs.

No Need to Count Your Minutes

More and more people prefer to use these free calling apps because they are convenient and inexpensive. Calling apps use Wi-Fi to allow their users to connect with anyone else on the globe. As such, most calling apps come with a very small price to pay for someone who wishes to make long-distance calls without having to keep track of his time limit.

Distance is No Longer an Issue

Aside from conquering the long-distance issue, several calling apps also allow their users to hold video calls with friends and families overseas, a feat that landline telephones can probably never accomplish (no offense to Alexander Graham Bell). As such, distance is no longer an excuse to not being able to catch up and meet with your loved ones.

Find the Best Free Calling App Suited for You

There is a multitude of free calling apps available on the stores for you to download, and trying to pick the one that will suit you the best may be quite a headache. A helpful tip to remember is to know, first and foremost, what feature your calling app should most importantly have. Will you be using your app to conduct conference calls? Do you want a pretty app with various themes to choose from and cute stickers to use? Or do you want an app that can be used to call through not just similar platforms but also landline telephones and PCs?

Once you have decided the main services that you will need from your calling app, then it’s time to do a little digging around to find out which app is suited for your needs. Reading up on app reviews can save you the time and effort needed to download an app, install it, get stressed over its shortcomings and realize that it’s not the one for you, just to uninstall it and dejectedly go back to square one. It is also wise to survey friends and family on the calling apps that they use. Chances are, it will be easier for you to have a similar calling platform with the people you will mostly contact.


If you are looking for something that you can use to catch up with your friends or loved ones for a long time, then Skype is a really good option. It offers really clear video calls that can help you make sure that your conversations are in the best quality that they can be in.

In addition, Skype has many great features that make it convenient to use not only for casual get-together conversations but also for business meetings or conferences. If you are the kind of businessperson to whom staying in the office the whole day is just not possible, then you might want to consider holding those meetings through Skype instead. It is easy, free, and even fun! It could also be the exciting change that you have been looking for.


For the alternative to your phone’s calling and messaging app, you can use Viber. The great thing about using Viber is that it is very easy to use because its interface is just very much like the one built in your phone. Most people find it very convenient to use because it makes you feel like you are just using your phone’s built-in apps, but just free!

Of course, we should not forget that face-to-face conversation is still the best form of socialization. Nothing beats the joy and warmth of seeing your friends’ expressions instead of pixilated emoticons, or listening to the smooth flow of your parents’ voices without the rough static garbling the audio. Until the chance to meet personally with your loved ones finally comes, however, free calling apps are the best way to go.

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