Download Kaspersky PURE Total Security for your Android and iOS Devices

When talking up matters to do with internet security, Kaspersky is no new player in this industry.

It is among the major antivirus brands that have won the hearts of many users across the globe.

The Kaspersky PURE Total Security software has strived in maintaining the reputation already boasted by this giant brand by delivering users of the Android and iOS devices with top security services. Since 2007, this tool has heavily been relied upon and as it stands, the numbers have constantly been on the rise.


Users can use a single key of this software to protect up to 3 devices. Furthermore, Kaspersky PURE Total Security can also provide users with facilities of remote access. The tool also includes a built-in firewall that keeps an eye on your behavior and helps in providing intelligent services. In addition, your passwords are well protected.

The developers of Kaspersky PURE Total Security had children and the need to watch over them in mind. It is for this reason they incorporated strong parental control features in this application. It is now possible for parents to supervise on their kids without having to miss on anything.

This increased security has also been transferred to online shopping platforms where it’s much safer to shop using this product. It is true because with PURE Total Security, all your passwords and other credit card details that are sensitive are completely secure.

Advantages and Disadvantages

This software application has very few disadvantages of any significance. On the other hand, it has a few advantages that make it the best choice for protecting the Android and iOS devices against internet security threats.

Kaspersky PURE Total Security is cloud based and as such, all data can be stored in the cloud from where it can easily be retrieved in case of drive failure. The software offers both online and offline protection of the highest quality, so users have to worry nothing about their protection.

Why Choose Kaspersky PURE Total Security?

With Kaspersky PURE Total Security installed on your device, you are sure of protection against viruses that target to compromise the security of passwords. Additionally, the layered security it offers users is further intensified by an intricate password information capability. This eliminates the risk of users having to fall victim to malware and other online frauds.

Users of this top security tool by Kaspersky enables users create backups of data which they can later restore. This can be done on either the system drive, cloud or any other user-defined device, even one not running on Kaspersky. Encrypted folders are created and files that are erased are completely deleted from the system. Furthermore, users can enjoy a feature that alerts them when a system restore is needed.

Another reason you need this tool installed on your device is the efficiency with which it handles malware attacks. This software locks down Windows until the infection is dealt with appropriately. It can also clear caches, cookies, logs, registry entries as well as provide users with the private browsing feature.

Kaspersky developers are aware of the many users who are sometimes overwhelmed by technological matters. It is for this reason there is a team of efficient service providers to provide users with proper guidance through any issue. Furthermore, there is online support including FAQ’s where users can get solutions to any of their problems.

Download Kaspersky PURE Total Security software for Android and iOS and secure your device against malware attacks.

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