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Monday, March 30, 2015

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Download Viber and Make the Most of this Free Voice Call App

Download Viber and Make the Most of this Free Voice Call App By – Nov 7, 2014 31 0 SHARE

We live in a very competitive world today.

It is for this reason you’ll find several mobile apps that offer free instant messaging and voice calling services to its users. Among them, is Viber and this app, despite having been in the industry for a period not exceeding 10 years, it has already amassed a huge number of followers. This huge mass of users can be attributed to the great features and benefits associated with this Messenger app.

Unlike other platforms like WhatsApp that only offers services to mobile phone users, Viber can be used on a PC. This makes Viber a very unique app in this niche. It can also be installed on various mobile operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows, Bada, Nokia and BlackBerry.

Viber recently released an upgraded version of its previous 4.0 version and now there is a 5.0 version. This version offers users with an abundance of improved abilities and features.

What to know about Viber

Viber is a free messaging and voice call app that enables users to send free messages as well as make free voice calls to other users of Viber. This application is very easy to use. Simply download it from Google Play Store, Apple App Store or the app’s website and install it in order to start enjoying these amazing services. Viber does not ask for the usual login and password details, instead, it uses your phone number and sends a verification code to that number.

One of the most amazing features of this app is the ability to send and receive free messages. Users of Viber can send and receive free messages all day as long as they are connected to a reliable source of internet, usually 3G or Wi-Fi. This is the same connection needed to transmit voice calls.

You don’t have to worry if your friend is not subscribed to Viber. It is still possible to make calls with the new Viber Out feature; however, users will have to buy Viber credits from their website in order to make calls to non-Viber users. This is still cheaper when compared to rates charged by mobile carriers.

Downloading and Installing Viber

Before you install Viber, users have to download the app from their respective stores, depending on the operating system of the device in use. Viber uses your mobile number to login and sends a verification code to that number. Enter the code and everything is set.

Viber then automatically syncs with your phone’s contacts and generates a list of Viber contacts that includes all contacts in your phone with a Viber account. To call or message a contact, simply tap on the name of the person and from the options, choose what you want to do – call or message.

Viber for Free

Viber is a free instant messaging and voice call app. What this means is that calling local and international friends and family using Viber is free. As earlier noted, both of you must be using Viber in order for the calls to be free. This is the best app when you want to make contact with your friends and family overseas. Be warned that the services are not entirely free; users will have to account for data or Wi-Fi connection being used.

Viber for Phones and PCs

As earlier noted, Viber is among the very few apps that have emerged to take full advantage of the market presented by the world of PCs. It does not only work with mobile phones, it can also be used on PCs. Users using Viber on their PCs can initiate a call to users of Viber on a phone and vice versa. Even though this app works on either platform, its functionality differs on each of these platforms. Furthermore, updates for each platform are usually released separately with users of Android and iOS being the first benefactors of these updates. Users of Viber on iOS and Android are also capable of enjoying full HD calls.

Other uses of Viber

Viber is popularly known for its free voice calling and messaging capabilities. However, these are not the only services on the table. Users can share multimedia files with other users as well. Furthermore, the app comes with a sticker function that completely changes the texting experience of users. They can be used side by side with emoticons and the result will be a lively texting experience.


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