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Viber began business in December 2010.

As we speak, Viber has more than 300 million global users. For sure, Viber has been the smartest entrepreneurs when it comes to the smartphone apps industry.

Viber initially began as a smartphone app and later developed the PC version. This is where the smart aspect comes in. This was a smart decision as it has hugely helped increase the installed base of this Israeli-based app. Furthermore, this decision has been very instrumental in the great competitor Viber has become to Skype, a long time giant in the business of voice and video calling, for both PCs and smartphones.

Intelligent Marketing

What is behind the continued success of Viber is their intelligent style of marketing. Very few apps have been able to hop from mobile phones to the PC world with success like Viber has done. It has managed to acquire a large user base in quite a short time frame. What happened is that there initial smartphone users became PC users and other PC users install the app on their smartphones.

This intelligent move has helped Viber grow and expand its market by more than double. Furthermore, this app markets itself in the name of what users want, rather than the market itself in the name of what it offers. In this sense, Viber offers free calling and not free VoIP services; intelligent huh?

Viber is Economical

Viber was very quick at realizing the need people had with respect to economical ways of communicating. In Viber’s perspective, if cheap is better, then, free is the best. And free is what people want. It was only after looking at these people that Viber decided to market itself as offering free calling services rather than free VoIP services.

In order to effectively communicate using Viber, all users need is a suitable internet connection, suitably a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi network. Of course, this will attract some charges for the data plans or wireless connection; however, it is way cheaper than using typical mobile carriers.

Make Free PC to Smartphone Calls and Vice Versa

Many Smartphone Viber users have installed Viber on their PCs. This has since gone to become a popular move as people make free video calls from their PCs to their friends’ PCs or Smartphones. Installing Viber on both your PC and smartphone will automatically sync your contacts and will help you seamlessly use both devices and in an efficient manner.

Viber has grown to become a major force in the instant messaging, voice and video calling industry. However, many still favor Skype. It is probably because of the few bugs that are usually associated with new market entrants. With time and regular updates, Viber will be on the same level, or near where Skype is.

This should serve as a huge warning bell, or rather a threat in the face of Skype, who have had a monopolistic, unchallenged and dominating control in this arena for quite a long time.

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