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Saturday, February 7, 2015

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Download WhatsApp Free Download – Start Using WhatsApp on Your Smartphone and…

Download WhatsApp Free Download – Start Using WhatsApp on Your Smartphone and PC By – Oct 24, 2014 125 4 SHARE

Since its inception, WhatsApp has developed to become one of the most used instant messaging apps in the world today.

This free app enables users to exchange photos, share them, send and receive text and voice messages to their friends on WhatsApp, and soon to come, WhatsApp users will be able to make voice calls for free. The best thing about this free messaging application is that all these services it offers are done at a very minimal cost that only requires an internet connection.

A lot having been said and done about WhatsApp, here are a few steps you can take towards ensuring you make the most out of these applications in addition to having the best user experience as a new user.

Download the App for Free

Before you can use this app, you have to download it first. You can find it in Google’s Play Store for Android users and Apple’s App Store for iOS users. In order to sign up, the app will require a user to enter their mobile phone number and it uses this number to automatically generate a contact list from the user’s phonebook who are currently using WhatsApp. A confirmation message is then sent to the entered number and you are good to go.

Edit Your Profile

After entering the confirmation code, create an account and edit your profile in a way that people you know can find you easily. With this app, users can upload a profile picture as well as choose a name. An alternative to this process is accepting the app to import your personal details from your Facebook account. The app then connects to your phonebook and syncs your contacts list to display the contacts with WhatsApp accounts in your WhatsApp contacts list.

Status Update

Similar to other chat applications, WhatsApp offers its users with the chance of setting their status update. Users sometimes don’t have to always think of a status update as the app comes with a list of pre-installed status updates that users can adopt, for instance, ‘WhatsApp only’, ‘available’, ‘at the movies’, ‘busy’, ‘can’t talk’, and ‘battery about to die’.

Start Chatting with your Friends

After you are done with the above steps, you are now ready to start chatting with friends using this great messenger. Simply navigate to your WhatsApp contacts, select your desired contact and enter a message. Sharing content is even easier with WhatsApp. Simply click or tap on the arrow showing the share options and pick what you want to share. Using this app, you can send text and voice messages, photos and even sound clips. To record a message, tap on the microphone icon and begin recording your message.

Customize your Background

This feature allows WhatsApp users to customize the background of their chat window according to their preference, using any image. Simply go to the settings tab and here you’ll find this option to change your wallpaper.

Back up your Conversations

When using this app for work-related or business purposes, having a back up to certain conversations is very important. WhatsApp messenger offers this option where users can email conversations to their email account or back it up in a cloud service.


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