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Saturday, February 21, 2015

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Download WhatsApp Plus and Access Features That Outshine the Original App

Download WhatsApp Plus and Access Features That Outshine the Original App By – Nov 10, 2014 19 0 SHARE

The new WhatsApp Plus has awed users with its many amazing features to an extent that these people have gone ahead and scrapped the original WhatsApp in favor of the new App.

All these are aimed at getting the better services that WhatsApp Plus offers.

But what makes many of these users migrate, or rather, what makes WhatsApp Plus stand out at the top ahead of its predecessor? Read on and you will find out just about the right answers to this question.

More and Better Themes

WhatsApp Plus offers users more and better themes that are varied to a point that some users fall for the app just because of the wide collection of high quality themes. The good thing about these themes is that they are available for free. After users start using WhatsApp Plus, they can choose any theme they like.

More Emoticons

Today, messages are made better with emoticons. However, not all apps are equipped with emoticons that can convey precise messages effectively. WhatsApp has numerous emoticons that will add zest to conversations and make them appear much better and attractive when chatting with friends.

This feature is not absent in the new WhatsApp Plus version. Rather, what this app does is bring a wider range of choosing emoticons from, including Google Hangouts. If you are a user of the regular WhatsApp version, these emoticons won’t be visible; instead, they are only free, usable and visible to all users of WhatsApp Plus.

Adjust Settings and Look

WhatsApp Plus comes with numerous themes that users can download and install and as a result, it is possible to customize the whole app and give it a totally user-defined look. Users of WhatsApp Plus are able to choose from a large library of options when deciding on the color and size of the app, notification looks, chat images, and many other settings.

Disable Last Seen Feature

This feature was initially exclusive to users of WhatsApp Plus, however, more recently WhatsApp received this update and it can now offer users with the ability to hide their last seen status.

Probably, WhatsApp developers realized the significance of having this feature on both platforms. However, credit remains with WhatsApp Plus since they were the first to offer users with this feature.

Send Multimedia Files of up to 50MBs

This is another feature where WhatsApp Plus beats its original counterpart. With WhatsApp Plus, users can send files of up to 50MB, while WhatsApp only allows for a maximum of 12MB. If you are that type of user who shares many files, WhatsApp Plus is where you should be headed.


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