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Sunday, April 5, 2015

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Downloading WhatsApp for iPads – All You Need to Know

Downloading WhatsApp for iPads – All You Need to Know By – Jan 4, 2015 55 0 SHARE

WhatsApp has turned out to become a very essential app in the lives of many who adore it.

You may find yourself with a device that is unsupported. This will definitely raise the need for getting a gadget that is supported so that you can enjoy these amazing app’s services.

WhatsApp for iPads yet to be Released

WhatsApp came into being in 2009 and since then, it has gone ahead to receive such immense success in a very short period of time. However, this app is strictly available for users of mobile phones while other gadgets that include PCs, tablets and iPads are yet to taste an official version of this app. Despite the absence of an iPad version of WhatsApp, it is still very possible to install this app on your device and enjoy it.

There are no any complicated procedures for downloading and installing this app on your Apple device. However, be warned that the latest version of WhatsApp will not work on an iOS 8 device and instead, you’ll have to settle for the older versions of the app.

How to Install WhatsApp on your iPad

Before you proceed with installing WhatsApp on your iPad, you’ll need to have an application management program and if your iPad has none, you must download one. The main catch here is that for the installation to be successful, it must be run from a desktop.

Search for WhatsApp in the iTunes app store and you’ll get an iPhone version. The app will be downloaded in an .ipa format. Go to your music folder and look for mobile applications. Look for the WhatsApp file and copy it on your desktop. Connect your iPad to your PC or Mac via USB and then begin the installation process from the desktop.

You should be able to see a WhatsApp icon on your iPad, but this doesn’t mean the installation process is complete.

Registration of WhatsApp for iPad

Registration of your WhatsApp app will require the use of an iPhone, using the normal registration process. Post registration; swap the iPad on your desktop with the iPhone. This is the time you’ll need to use the application management program. Using this program, copy the library and documents in the WhatsApp folder on your iPhone and paste them on your desktop.

Again, swap the iPhone for the iPad and using the same app management program, copy the WhatsApp files from your desktop and use them to replace the same files on your iPad. This will have given the iPad all the registered info from the iPhone and you can start using the app on your iPad without any issues.

Since WhatsApp doesn’t support the use of one account on two devices, syncing between the iPhone and iPad won’t be possible.


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