Enjoy Flappy Bird On Your Mobile – Purchase a Device That Has the Game Already Installed

We’ve all played this frustratingly difficult game at some point in time.

Don’t be embarrassed to admit it. We have all tried our hands at it and felt humiliated at how pitiful our scores were. Of course, there are some unique creatures out there that manage to get really good scores on Flappy Bird. But you’ve got to wonder: how do they do that? Do they spend all day trying to score higher? Some people never get past their old high scores. Some even do not score at all. Yes, it’s that tough. And maybe that is why it’s become so popular, because you always will want to score.

It’s still a secret how this simple game managed to dominate the top charts of mobile apps, though, considering many negative comments. The way it made money, however, is no secret at all: by serving ads each time the game was started, its creator claims to have earned $50,000 a day. Why then did he decide to suddenly pull it from the market? There is no sure way to know the actual reason, but there are some interesting clues pointing us in the right direction.

In all aspects, Flappy Bird is a rudimentary video game. The player controls the titular bird, which shows a tendency for succumbing to gravity and falling straight to the ground. Any contact with it is an instant game over. The bird maintains a constant forward speed and the only way to control its movement is by either letting it fall or flying clumsily upwards, hence Flappy Bird.

This Game Is Tough as Nails

The gameplay consists of navigating a series of vertical gaps between green pipes that look suspiciously like the ones from Super Mario. This is achieved by tapping the screen or pressing Space, which makes the bird ascend briefly, but then starts falling down again. Contact with the pipes means an instant game over. Once a gap is cleared, one point is awarded to the player. Accumulating enough points also gives a certain kind of medal to the player, though this is a difficult goal to accomplish. There is no actual end to the game, the pipes just keep appearing until the player makes a mistake and flies into them or falls to the ground. Vertical gaps never change in size, only in position, which is random every time. There is no progression or challenge worth mentioning.

Since the bird’s movement is so erratic, passing through even the first set of pipes is a task that requires quite a lot of practice. It’s difficult to give any credit to the Flappy Bird creator for innovation: the entire game looks and feels like it was made in one afternoon. Look of the bird itself seems to have been taken without any modification from another online Flash game with a similar theme called Piou Piou. There were even rumors of Piou Piou creators threatening a lawsuit and this could be the main reason Flappy Bird disappeared so suddenly from the market.

Flappy Bird Will Live Forever in Infamy

Various game designers have praised the supposed ingenuity of Flappy Bird. However, the entire game shows a complete lack of passion which marks the actual masterpieces of the video game genre. The sound effects are bland, graphics are boring, and uninspired, game play is non-existent. These are not signs of ingenuity, but laziness.

Though its glory was brief, Flappy Bird has achieved a cult status and it’s definitely not going to be forgotten anytime soon. There are countless parodies, remakes and variations available online and some people have even sold devices which have Flappy Bird already installed. No matter what your opinion of the Flappy Bird is, you should definitely try it out.

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