F-Secure Antivirus vs. K7 Total Security – Which is Better for You?

Antivirus protection needs no introduction, still for formal information, it is essential to know that antivirus software is a single program or a set of such programs which will be able to protect your system.

In a nutshell, it searches for viruses and malicious malware that plans to attack your PC, detects it, alerts you of the presence and then gets involved in aborting it and protecting your PC.

While there are many competitive antivirus software programs that are out in the market, there are a handful of reliable and trust-worthy ones which can be spoken of. To that list belongs the F-Secure and K7. Comparing both the antivirus software, reveals the following judgment.

Why F-Secure?

Advanced malware protection is the tagline for F-Secure. Does it really go the extra mile to protect your PC? Read on.

To start with, F-Secure antivirus protects your PC or Mac against any type of spyware or virus. This is a concrete feature to be depended on. Going further, it creates an extra protection to your computer with its ‘malware removal technology’. According to this technology, there is a proactive protecting action by F-Secure antivirus that is levied on your computer. In the sense, when your computer becomes susceptible to a malware attack, F-Secure antivirus instantly detects it and alerts you and the other F-Secure antivirus users of the approachable malware, thus protecting all the systems under its care.

Apart from the above mentioned amazing and most sought-after feature, F-Secure antivirus also keeps your security up-to-date without intervening or forcing you to schedule the scans. Once you have installed F-Secure antivirus on your system, all the scans are taken care of automatically.

Another notable feature is that F-Secure antivirus does not slow down the system at all. Especially when you are working on a data or some important document, and when F-Secure antivirus is running in the background, it never slows down the performance of your PC.

Why K7 Total Security?

Here’s a gist about the features that K7 Total Security antivirus has to offer your PC. The first and foremost point being, K7 Total Security antivirus is very affordable and gives a comprehensive security package for the price. Claiming to be one of the antiviruses that protect highest protection against cybercrime, K7 Total Security antivirus also has other impressive features to offer.

Strike capability is a feature from K7 Total Security antivirus that protects instant protection when an external storage device such as a USB is inserted in your PC. There is kid-mode activation possible in K7 Total Security antivirus, where the antivirus keeps a track of the websites accessed by your kids. There is also a surf-safe option, where K7 Total Security antivirus uses cloud-based data to alert other systems about malicious malware just like what F-Secure does.

Apart from the above quoted features, K7 Total Security antivirus acts very efficiently against malware, rootkits and provides a zero-day threat blocking preference. With its two-way firewall, web protection and privacy is guaranteed. Parental control, as discussed above, is one of the sought-after features of today’s parents.

What’s your Take-Away?

Having read the description of the features of both these antivirus software, you must by now know in detail about the highlight points both the antivirus software have to offer. Depending on your needs, for example, the parental control feature or a two-way firewall protection; or the advanced scanning technology and not-so-disturbing antivirus that can run the scan schedules without slowing down the performance of your PC etc. you will have to choose the best one for your requirement.

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