Facebook – Why Is It Undoubtedly the Best Free Social Networking Site

This is the age of social media and the first name that springs to mind is Facebook.

This is one social networking site that has taken the world by storm. It has changed the way the world interacts and shares information. You need not download anything and setting up a profile is child’s play. Since it is free, it has quickly acquired a worldwide reach.

The Beginning

Facebook had a modest beginning when in 2005 it was started in a dormitory at Harvard. Mark Zuckerberg is currently the CEO of Facebook. He, along with two other partners, started Facebook with a view to allow students to interact with each other.

Today, Facebook is traded on the NASDAQ and its shares are at an all time record high. It has set a new benchmark in the tech sector. The company has just posted its latest profit figures and they are astounding.

Facebook has more than a billion users and it is slated to continue to grow rapidly. As the internet penetrates the less developed countries, the members on Facebook will continue to grow every year.

Getting Started

It is easy to sign up with Facebook. You can set up your account within minutes. You will need an email address and a username to get started. Once you have logged in to your front page, you can modify it according to your taste and preferences. You can even read tips on how best to use Facebook. It is definitely possible to even earn some money through Facebook.

File Sharing with Facebook

Sharing files with Facebook is very easy. You can make friends very quickly by inviting them to Facebook. You can share files only with your friends and so the more friends you have on Facebook, the better. You can share documents, images and videos on Facebook.

The best part is that you can enable chat and then chat with your friends through Facebook. You do not have to pay for using this amazing service. It is free and social networking is easy through this amazing tool.

Getting in touch with old friends can be such a lot of fun. This is more like a reunion but it gets even better as you manage to re-establish contact with people and then continue to stay in touch.

Using Facebook for Business

Many people are beginning to realize the value of a Facebook account for their business. Business CEOs have realized that there is huge potential here and hence you will find large companies and CEOs having their own Facebook page.

This is why it is a good idea to consider using your Facebook profile for growing your business. Facebook uses contextual advertizing to generate revenues. This is where it gets its profits. You too can get a share of the Facebook pie by using your profile to generate some profits for your business.

Your online or even your offline business can get a great push forward if you use Facebook advertizing wisely. Networking is the way to go and Facebook is the best way to network these days.

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