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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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Fallout 4 – 5 Things Fans Don’t Want in the Game

Fallout 4 – 5 Things Fans Don’t Want in the Game By – Mar 1, 2015 111 1 SHARE

Ever since Bethesda confirmed that they are going to E3 2015, rumors have been circulating that the event will be the time when they announce Fallout 4 or probably even the next Elder Scrolls.

But, if it is Fallout as expected, these are the things that fans never wish to see in the game.

No two player co-op

Everyone literally hates the concept of playing the game with a human buddy. While some believe that it will be very similar to having a computer AI follow you, others think the entire purpose of the first person shooter RPG is to be able to do it on your own and feel left alone sometimes! While the developers are really good at what they do, creating co-op would definitely demand more of their time which could be better utilized with some other aspect of the game. It makes sure the original formula remains intact.

New Factions – Please Give them!

The biggest annoyance of the last Fallout 3 was that they were all repeated factions and nothing new to be part of. The more new things a game has, the more interesting it will be. Fallout 4 should definitely have some new factions, at least so that players have more choice. Besides, new players should have such additions so that they are inclined to check out all the hype about this series. And, when a faction is introduced, the chances of building a new storyline around them increases which makes it riveting.

Forget Boston

Too many rumors claim that Boston will be the setting for the next game but they have literally spoiled the expectation. A good game is the one that surprises gamers on day one and the next Fallout wouldn’t do that if we already know Boston is going to be the place. Instead, developers could try some other location in America. But, they should never go out of the United States because it wouldn’t be the same game anymore unless it is within this region.

Vehicles could spoil

Adding vehicles to the game sounds awesome but they will obviously lead to bigger maps. If they were forced to make the maps bigger, the developers of Fallout 4 have to add some random elements and keep more open space. It indirectly leads to emptiness which is why fans don’t want vehicles to be added to the game. It is much better to have smaller but packed maps.


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    1. Yes

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    4. Nope, mods have proved it. They think everyone likes fast travel anyway, vehicles won’t affect map size at all.

    5. I’ll do it for you, as you apparently can’t count: Writers that know how many fingers they have on one hand. (not you)

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