Fallout Shadow of Boston is a Fake Trademark Registration

Fallout never ceases to surprise players and excite them because it is one of the most wanted franchises in gaming history.

It’s been so long and the official developers who are supposed to talk about the upcoming game have been maintaining a prolonged silence. They are being so adamant and we are not sure whether an actual game is going to be out or not, which has paved way for so many rumors every other day.

The latest rumor was really legit that most players were super excited and really believed a game is in the making. When a German trademark filing was spotted that called itself Fallout Shadow of Boston, it was confirmed to be the next iteration of the famous Fallout series. People started speculating the storyline and assumed that it coincides with the plot being set in Boston as rumored earlier.

Filing for Computer Games

The German trademark that was filed was something named Fallout Shadow of Boston that has so much of relevance to the actual game which led to the rumors. It also became so popular in a couple of days since registration, because the patent was done for computer game discs as well as downloadable computer games, downloadable games through the internet.

The category was quite relevant and no one can blame the players for assuming it to be the next title. It falls in line with the earlier rumored storyline that is set in Boston and related to the case of the Institute.

Bethesda Confirms

Putting an end to the rumors and the fake news related to the filing of Fallout Shadow of Boston, Bethesda finally opened up on Twitter to confirm that it was a fake rumor. They said, “The filing for trademark done in German is a hoax and it has nothing to do with our company”. There’s more than what you need to know to confirm that Fallout is not coming.

The big and most annoying factor about this is that when Bethesda could be so prompt in confirming that this is a hoax, they could officially give a statement on whether a game is coming or not. So far, they never confirmed if the franchise has been discontinued for any reason or if they plan to go with the idea in the near future. If they do so, it would be a great moment for fans who have been expecting to know more official information with regards to the game for a long time.

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