Farm Heroes Saga – How to Use Boosters to Complete the Game in Record Time

If you like playing mobile games, then you know that the easiest way to move up the levels swiftly is by utilizing boosters or power-ups.

Farm Heroes Saga comes with a bunch of helpful yet very interesting boosters. Apart from a few, boosters can be used at any stage of the game.

You are likely to come by 5 specific boosters if you have played Farm Heroes Saga for some time. These boosters can be very useful and are available for free every day. As a player, you do not need to do anything; they regenerate themselves over a certain period of time. You can opt for the alternative of buying the boosters using gold bars. Each purchase comes in sets of threes.

The Shovel Booster

Before you begin playing a new level this booster, it will cost you 250 beans. However, if you purchase when you are playing, you will pay 9 bars to get it. Alternatively, you can wait for 6 hours so that it regenerates and get it for free.

The shovel booster can be used to:

-Break ice

-Crack Farm Heroes Saga Eggs

-Unearth simple elements

-Shift fire crackers

-Get rid of seeds and bombs

-Breakdown snowballs

If you want to save moves, this is the best power-up to use as you do not use up any moves.

The Tractor Booster

To get this booster, you need 12 gold bars to buy it or wait for 12 hours for it to regenerate. It comes in handy if you want to get rid of a row of items. It can be used to get rid of flowers, seeds and ice or any other item as long as the crop was not originally in the water, sun or game. Once you complete and get 2 starts in level 38, you earn 3 tractor boosters in the club.

The Bonus Reward Booster

You need 16 bars of gold to buy this booster. Alternatively, you can wait for 12 hours for it to regenerate for free. The Bonus Reward Booster will add an extra one element to all the elements of your current level. This booster is available once you reach the 2nd level of the game. Once you select this booster, you cannot reverse its effects. If you successfully finish level 38 with 3 stars, you earn yourself 3 ‘plus one’ boosters in the games club.

The Colour Collect Booster

It takes 24 hours of regenerating to get this booster, or you can buy it at 19 bars of gold. After level 22, make sure you unlock the Doggie Booster to get this booster. The Colour Collect Booster removes elements that are of a similar color.

The Clean-up Booster

It is a new booster and can only be bought using bars of gold. You can use it to turn grumpy crops into normal crops.

The Bottom Line

Proper use of boosters will allow you to complete the game much faster than you normally would. It will also give you an edge over your friends.

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