Farm Heroes Saga – Tips and Tricks to Help You Win

From the makers of the immensely successful Candy Crush Saga comes Farm Heroes Saga, another addictive game where the objective is to match up crops and build your own farm.

You have the responsibility to maintain it, cultivate the cattle and move up the levels. There’s much more than candies here because you have to fight against the annoying Raccoon, hatch chickens and pick flowers to survive.

Save Your Time

If you think you have been spending too much time in Farm Heroes Saga and like to get a life, there is an option here. You can actually reset the clock timer on your phone backwards and continue playing the game to score high. However, there would be a negative count on the board when you come back to your normal time setting. Solve this issue by going back to the game, reset all the lives on the board and avoid those negative counts.

Gold Bars

Gold bars are really useful in Farm Heroes Saga which you have to make sure to collect as you progress. Instead of trying to use them all at once in moves or boosters, use them to open gates. The way you use them will determine whether you win or lose the game. It is similar to gems used in Clash of Clans and other titles which are not easy to get except if you are willing to pay with real life currency. Save and use them wisely. They are supposed to be introduced only at the most critical point to save you from failure.


Chickens will start their hatching ritual at periodical intervals. Keep a close watch on that, because, as soon as they begin the ritual, you will have the opportunity to match three eggs in a row to hatch chickens from those eggs. Never stop at this point and continue to hatch as many eggs as possible in a row. It is not wise to stack them up because they will count towards moves and will start using up all the reserves that you have. If you love stacking up, never use the middle of the board but rather put all your eggs in the corner and hatch them together at a later time.

Similarly, it is not good to stack up flowers in Farm Heroes Saga even though they look nice. Clear them off in the matching game before the crops are ready.


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