Farmville 2 for Android – Farming at your Own Pace

Farmville was a hugely successful Facebook game by Zynga and an original game of its times.

It took the gaming world by storm and had millions of fans all over the world. As for Farmville 2, it offered a fresh lease of life to the old franchise.

Checking out the Gameplay – The Similarities

For players who have already played the original game of Farmville, there is not going to be much difference in the gameplay. The basic elements of the game remain almost the same. For instance, you will have to plant crops and feed animals. In addition, you will have to sell items, build some things, expand the farm and set out to accomplish some objectives and so on. However, there are some things that you can do in the new game that were not present in the earlier version. For example, you can forage for items but this is also done in the same pattern as before.

The Difference

There are a few differences in the new Farmville 2. For example, players cannot set down a plot of dirt or a plot of plant wherever they wish. A plot of mud or dirt will only be able to grow a particular type of crop. Players have to, therefore, build different plots for different crops. This seems to be a little restrictive to players, but some other restrictions of the game have been eliminated as well. The water available in the game is infinite now and you don’t need any energy for creating items or crafting them.

Playing through Facebook/Google+

You can connect the game with Facebook as well as with Google+. It continues to have the same mechanics and you need to ask friends for items in the game. You will also have to make contact with others who are already playing the game, otherwise the levels can become very difficult and the missions can be difficult to accomplish. The game continues to bring in some in app purchases, where you can get coins and keys. However, you can get along fine even without making these purchases with real money.

Connectivity – A Cool Feature

The best part of Farmville 2 is that it offers great connectivity. You can now connect the new farm with your existing account in Facebook. After connecting, you will be able to ship any item from one farm to the other and this is a rather cool feature. Players can ship water to their farm, as water is a limited commodity in the desktop version of the game. However, you will be able to ship items from one farm to the other only twice a day, so you must take full benefit of these features, or you may have to wait a whole day for the delivery.

The Design

The design for the Android version is not something special and the game continues with similar graphics compared to the desktop version. However, it is sharp and full of color. The screen is well laid out and it is simple to understand the gameplay without any confusion. Sometimes, the farm gets a little cramped and you may have to spend some time in re-arranging the items on the farm. The controls are very well designed and the interface is simple and easy to understand.

The Good

The best part is the feature offering ability of shipping things to the desktop version. This is especially so as the mobile version of the game offers unlimited water. You can make items like flour very quickly in the mobile version. If you play both the versions, the desktop and the mobile version, it can be really useful. You can also ship items from the desktop to the mobile version.

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