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Friday, April 3, 2015

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FIFA 15 vs PES 2015 – Which One Is Better?

FIFA 15 vs PES 2015 – Which One Is Better? By – Dec 10, 2014 64 1 SHARE

Every year, all the football fans gamers have a dilemma – which game they should buy: FIFA or PES?

While PES was way better in the past, FIFA is the new celebrity. It seems that its developers have worked hard on the gameplay and made their game better and better every year. At the moment, both of them are somehow head to head and they are trying to keep their fans by adding new features and making their games perfect.

In the past, EA Sports FIFA was more of an arcade game and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer was a proper football game. But PES didn’t have all the FIFA teams and players, which was a minus for the game.

To make a perfect football game, you will have to work a lot on the graphics, tactics, team licenses and many more in order to make gamers buy your game.

Differences between FIFA 15 and PES 2015


EA Sports worked hard on their FIFA 15 and it seems that they quite succeeded in the graphics area. FIFA 15 looks amazing in FIFA 15 and the presentation of the game looks like you are actually watching a football game on your TV. In addition, the players and their clothes get covered with dirt and the match feels more realistic and natural. You will notice now the ball boys throwing the balls back to the players, the coaches, cameraman, spectators and many more.

When it comes to goal celebration, all the players have a special customization of controls to celebrate the goal that they just scored. EA improved their replay system and now it looks now more realistic in movements and camera angles, making you feel like you are watching a football game on TV.

In PES 15, the players look almost the same with the real players. We can just look at a player and know who they are, that’s how real their faces are now. The players have even scars, tattoos, hair cuts and beards like the real ones.

PES has always been a step ahead of FIFA in terms of stadium atmosphere and it keeps improving every year. The way the fans are cheering their teams will make you feel like it’s a real stadium.

The player celebrations are even more realistic than in FIFA. For example, Gareth Bale shows the fans his trademark heart symbol. However, the replay system from PES is not better than FIFA’s but you can move the camera manually which will allow you to watch the goals from every angle you want.


PES 2015 comes with some impressive animations this year, with many high quality moves. The players will be able to make better chances even in a smaller space with their skills the return of PES ID (where individual players will come with their own style and animations). With other words, for example you will notice that Ronaldo will come with the same skills and moves that the real Ronaldo does, making the game look more natural and realistic than ever before.

FIFA 15 came with even more improved animations, where the players will react emotionally on the soccer field. When they will do some mistakes, they will look angry or if they are playing well, they will smile from time to time. While FIFA doesn’t come with ID like PES, but you will surely notice Messi or Ronaldo dribbling fast or you will notice the perfect ball control of Aguero.

FIFA 15 also comes with over 50 new animations on goalkeepers, such as: touching the ball with their fingertips, punching away shoots and many more.


FIFA 15 came with a new tactics menu, which will make the gamers customize their formation easier than before. You will also get some tips on the formation setup, to understand what advantages and disadvantages you get by using a specific tactic.

In PES 2015, you have a better tactics and strategic system than in FIFA 15, but they have always been better at this.

Original licenses

PES comes with the official competition like UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League, European Super Cup and Copa Libertadores. When you will start playing in Champions League in PES 2015, you will see an introduction video with the official Champions League theme etc. PES will most likely want to get the licenses for all European competitions, big teams and stadiums in the future.

FIFA 15 comes with all leagues, stadiums, teams and players, with over 25 championships that EA Games got licensed for their FIFA game. However, FIFA doesn’t have all the official competitions and you will be forced to make your own standard championship or tournament.


FIFA 15 came many new animations, features and a renewed graphics and tactics but at the same time PES 15 caught up with their new game engine which makes the players look more realistic than ever before.

It’s not that easy to pick a game between these two, as it depends on each gamer’s style and each game comes with some pros and some cons that we’ve told you about above.


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  • JTurner11

    After being a FIFA buyer for 10 years including FIFA 15–this is my first PES game. If you want both fun and realistic gameplay and have a great variety in the types of games you play and goals you score, PES is definitely the one to go with. I’ve also gotten extremely disappointed over the years in FIFAs AI (even with the greater power of next-gen consoles), and PES is miles ahead of FIFA in this on both sides of the ball. I would agree that PES commentary, licensing and “presentation” all trail FIFA, but for sports games, the single most important factor is the actual gameplay, and for me PES is clearly ahead of FIFA. I’ve only played a handful of games on FIFA since I bought PES and I’m so glad to not have that frustration that would accompany so many of my FIFA games.

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