Flappy Bird – Have a Shot at Keeping the Bird Flapping its Wings

You can download Flappy Bird onto an iPhone or Android device for free.

You can also play Flappy Bird with your own phone. Flappy Bird may look too simple and mundane, compared to other games – to some, Flappy Bird may be just another version of Candy Crush – but its charm lies in simplicity.

Flappy Bird is to have a bird fly through the pipes and cruise it without touching the pipe. You keep tapping on the screen and your game spirit ignites along with those poor scores and those gentle dings that challenge you to the bone. Try hard as you may, but it seems to be playing a trick on you. Your bird may die before you know it. You will sooner than not realize this simple the flying-kite-in-birdie is a trick that plays on your confidence of beating the game.

Like Challenge?

There are a lot of people who have tried playing the game. They will attest to how challenging it can really be to keep Flappy Bird in the air. In fact, it can be so challenging that a lot of people have felt frustrated and irritated because they just can’t break through their score ceilings. There are many possible factors for this. The size of your screen is one of the biggest factors. But taking all of the external factors aside, you will realize that it is really just meant to be difficult.

The outlook of Flappy Bird is naively one-dimensional. This game will teach the importance of attentiveness to detail and about what is required for you to be successful in the game. After a few rounds of Flappy Bird, you are asked to solve a complex riddle in the simplest way. Be warned that you can be addicted. Of course we are all addicts to something in some way in life. But this is something that draws a spirit of the fighter out of you. Are you game?

How to Download Flappy Bird?

Download Flappy Bird for free and pilot your Flappy Bird as you please.

Tips on How to Keep Flappy Bird from Falling

To play Flappy Bird better, you need to play it on iPad or Android tablet, because it’s larger screen will allow your thumb to work better than on the small screen. You know, sometimes winning depends on a few split hair lines on which your thumb prints land to be recognized by the computer. Rather than using a smartphone, try either an iPad or an Android tablet.

Try to have your own rhythm of tapping. Make a habit of accurate tapping. Your fingers need to get used to its own pulse so that you don’t have to get dragged by their unintended clicks. Steer clear of the piping corners.

Attention, attention and attention. You must focus on your task. Of course, it’s cliché to say but playing Flappy Bird does not tolerate distraction. Even your blink may cause you to fail sometimes. Find a place where you are not going to get distracted or interrupted frequently.

You often hear that people rage while playing Flappy Bird. Remember. When you are emotionally agitated, you are the most vulnerable as a gamer. Your otherwise competent skill will get blunt and constantly fire back. Controlling your emotion is easier said than done. But without keeping your rage under control, your Flappy Bird will be a nemesis that prey upon your rage.

Take rest occasionally. No gamer can beat exhaustion. Even if you are the best gamers of the lot, your fatigue is the potent enemy. You can function adequately if your body is overwhelmed by overwork and its stress.

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