Flappy Bird – Must Know Secrets to Flap Away Safely

The Flappy Birds craziness is all about dodging pipelines which can screw up your credited lifetime.

Getting your hands on this game with authentic secrets of winning the game will get you flapping above sanely and safely.

Eight is the Number

Expert players of Flappy Birds suggest that ‘8’ is the limit to your number of trials when it comes to this game. If you have failed to flap away safely 8 times in a row, it just means you should break free for a while. It has been proved by these experts that the game becomes monotonous with no possibility of winning when you cross the number 8. So go accordingly!

Quickness and Agility is the Need of the Hour

Flapping away is meant to be done in a timed manner, instantly and smoothly. Your fingers are what the game counts on. If you keep hitting your screen with vigor, you will never be able to save yourself off those dangerous pipelines. Be soft and swift with your finger movements and those scary pipelines will be defeated.

A Bigger Screen to Play with

The gaming experience with Flappy Birds gets better with a wider and larger screen. If you own an iPad, then there’s nothing like it.  That’s because, this game requires some palm cramming and when it is played on a huge screen, you can get away with the trouble of this cramming. Also, you’ll be able to focus on small details that this game has to offer.

 Finding the Spot Game

This discerning game has more of ‘points’ to be focused on. For example, if you have been tapping the screen with your right hand and in the middle of your device, then you can expect the pipelines to flow in from some corner. Observe the pattern and the spots from where the pipelines fly in; stick on to that particular spot so that you can save yourself from hitting the pipeline.

The Downer Discourage

If you have been playing the game and lose the first one on a score of 150, followed by the next on a 100 itself, just shrug off the disappointment and restart the game. Even though your scores end up being small, the fact that you restart it instantly with and play efficiently will be a downer for the other players who are playing along with you on the network.

The Competing Motivation

If you set yourself towards achieving a target without any base to compete with, it might so happen that you back out at the last minute on the set target. But if you have someone with whom you can compete, then the game gets interesting. This is when you can take advantage of the social media Facebook.

If you have other friends from FB playing this game; then, as and when they reach a score, it gets displayed on your timeline that so and so completed a score of 150 or 200. You can take this score to work with and cross the landmark easily.

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