Flappy Bird Needs to Comeback So We Can download it for Free

It’s the game that took nations by storm. It’s the game that you would love to hate.

Flappy Bird has one of the simplest gameplays, yet, it holds one of the most addictive games you will ever play. Its graphics is not even that great, to be honest. However, despite the fact that it lacks great graphics, this game was able to make it to the top and it was downloaded millions of times by players all around the world. It’s hard not to play and enjoy the game, even though most people couldn’t score any more than 5 points. Flappy Bird was the big thing.

Overnight Success

Its rise to fame may have happened overnight. One day, a lot of people were still unaware that this game created by Dong Nguyen existed. The next day, it was being downloaded by people all over the world. There were even rumors that the creator somehow tricked the charts to put his game on top. Nguyen has long since denied such rumor. Trick or not, people have started to pay attention to the game and before anyone realizes, Flappy Bird has become everyone’s new favorite game.

Only For a Short While

While Flappy Bird was garnering success from different parts of the world, its creator is having a different experience. As soon as people realized that the game is not as easy as it looks, they started to take it against the creator. Nguyen, being the simple citizen that he is, did not like the attention so he decided to remove the game from the stores. People who were not quick to download the game when they had the chance were not able to download it anymore.

Why Flappy Bird Needs a Comeback

Everyone threw a fit when Flappy Bird was deleted from the stores. A few were glad that it was erased because for them, the game has been nothing but a headache; but for the rest, they were not even given the chance to try it out. For this reason, we believe that Flappy Bird should come back. It’s just unfair that some people experienced the game while others did not. Everyone should get a chance to experience some hardships in their lives, right?

For the Money

Another reason why Flappy Bird should return is the money that Nguyen will generate from it. At its peak, Flappy Bird was said to make Nguyen $50,000 richer each day and even after it was taken down, it continues to earn him money. Imagine the money Nguyen will be able to generate if he put up Flappy Bird for download once again.

Too Many Copycats

After Nguyen took down Flappy Bird, copycats have sprouted everywhere and as of this moment, there are way too many of them. Most of them don’t even come close to the original and there are only a few that are worth our time, but the original will always be Flappy Bird. We think that it’s about time for these copycats to stop appearing and for the original to come back.

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