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Friday, January 30, 2015

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Flappy Bird vs. Retry from Rovio – What’s the Best Game? 

Flappy Bird vs. Retry from Rovio – What’s the Best Game?  By – Oct 26, 2014 0 0 SHARE

With the launch of the new Flappy Bird inspired Retry many gamers are wondering which is the better of the two.

We are not sure if Rovio wanted to pay tribute to the game that made millions of players around the globe crazy or was genuinely inspired by the copycat title to make something of their own. However the reason is, the company has finally come out with a game that looks very similar to what the Flappy Bird maker did some time ago.

Even the graphics, the design of the flight and the world looks similar to the bird game. Now, we are going to compare both the titles and find the one that is the better of the both. It will also help you know the game that the gamer should choose based on their interests.

Flappy Bird – Insanely Difficult

To keep it really simple, Flappy Bird is one of the most annoying games on the planet. It will never let you win. When we say never, we really mean it because the developer has some kind of grudge against the world and he really enjoyed making everyone bang their heads on the wall. But, some of the notable things about the game are the familiar grass and the pipes from the famous Nintendo Mario Bros games. Wherever you hit, you will lose the game.

There are no checkpoints and there are no lives as well. You don’t have any option to start in the middle but every time you hit something, you lose and will be forced to start from the beginning. It has an 8-bit retro feel to it right from the music and the pixelated images.

Retry – Definitely the Same but Bit Better

Retry from Rovio borrows a lot of elements from the famous Flappy Bird and it even borrows the green grass on the floor. The minute you hit the snow clouds on the top or the grass in the bottom, you lose. As the title suggests, you will be spending a lot of time retrying the game. Instead of a bird, we have a plane here that looks very much like the bird.

The game is fully retro with pixelated images and the music is decent. The only good thing is that your flight could spin and there are multiple checkpoints to not punish you too much. If you love a bit of game play, try Retry but if you wish to irritate yourself, go for the pic Flappy Bird.


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