Free Android Apps – The Most Useful Apps to Use on PC

Third party clients like Andy and Bluestacks are becoming quite popular.

The idea that you can download mobile apps onto your PC and use them as you would on your smartphone sounds very convenient. Of course, nothing still beats being able to use mobile apps on a smartphone, as this is the kind of device that these apps were actually built for. However, for people who spend a lot of time with their laptops or desktop computers, it should be convenient if you did not have to switch from phone to computer all the time.

Unlike with smartphones or tablets, you can download as many apps as you want on your PC without having to worry about memory space. Smartphones have significantly smaller memory sizes, so you have to really choose what you put in it. Or else you are going to end up with a device that runs as stickily as if it were glued. You can keep connected with friends via the messenger apps you use by installing them into your PC as well. You can keep your phone battery from being drained, and at the same time easily manage your conversations while surfing the web or watching YouTube on PC.

However, since most apps are designed specifically for mobile devices, not everything that you download will be suitable for PC use. On the other hand, some apps prove to be equally or even more useful when used on your PC. Here are just some of those.


Evernote is arguably the king of all note-taking and to-do list apps. Evernote is the best way to be more organized and prepared for anything. Thanks to its syncing capabilities, you can sync and access your notes across your PC, smartphone and tablet. To-do lists are also very effective as you can easily see accomplished and yet-to-be accomplished tasks. You can even personalize your notes and email them to friends. Another wonderful feature is that you can search for text inside images. This saves you a lot of time trying to find the right picture where you saved the topics for tomorrow’s exam!

Spending Tracker

Whether you are a student with a limited allowance to spend on each week, or a working college grad trying to save up for the future, Spending Tracker is one of the best apps to help you stick to your budget every month. Entering expenses and earnings is easy, and you can even categorize them with labels. Spending Tracker also gives you beautiful pie charts and graphs so that you can track where each cent of your money goes.


Do you sometimes get impatient having to open up so many tabs in a browser and entering each of your favorite sites in the URL bar just to get to their page and read their latest posts? Feedly is the answer to your frustrations. You can personally tailor Feedly to gather all your to-read articles and posts in one place. Now, it is easy to switch between being updated with the latest news to finding the right apple pie recipe for Sunday lunch.

Radio FM

Radio FM is the perfect app especially for all music lovers out there. With this app you can enjoy listening to whatever radio channel you like, whether Internet-based or live. With a list of so many countries, you easily find your local radio station and add it to your favorites list. You don’t have to worry about falling asleep listening to music anymore as Radio FM has an automatic sleep timer feature. You can also view song information for songs currently playing on Shoutcast Radios.

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