Free Antivirus – Features and Why It’s a Viable Option

Avira personal antivirus is not only free, but comes with a rich set of features that makes it one of the best free anti-viruses in the market.

It is easy for users to understand, as it bears no complications. Nonetheless, it is very comprehensive, offering the best protection for your personal computer. However, this works best for personal use and not for commercial purposes. Some of the excellent features Avira comes with include:

Protection against Worms, Viruses, and Trojan Horses

Avira free antivirus quickly and thoroughly scans your computer for any form of malware programs in your system. It tracks down the actions of the user and will promptly respond once it detects any form of malware in your computer. It comes with the latest scanning technology in order to detect malware as soon as possible.

Protection against Buried Root Kits by Using Antirootkit

Attackers install software called RootKits that are used to get access to the root-level of your computer. They can hide the invasion as they are hidden from the administrator, any normal authorization and authentication procedures. RootKits can be tricky to find, and most of them go undetected by many antivirus software. With the advanced rootkit protection that Avira offers, you do not have to worry about any rootkits that might be hidden in your system – it will effectively scan, detect and eradicate such software.

Advanced Phishing Protection

Hackers use dubious practices like phishing to obtain information that is confidential like passwords, usernames, and even your credit information. They will normally creep in as honest sites. What they do is try to use a trusted and popular site by putting up similar fake websites. This will lure users into providing their personal information unaware of the intention of the website creator. However, if you have installed Avira free antivirus on your machine, you do not have to worry about such dubious sites getting a hold of your personal information and using it against your consent, mostly for criminal activities.

Protection from Spyware

Spyware is again another type of criminal software that is used to collect data from your machine without your consent and knowledge. Most of them are not easy to delete and are normally well hidden by the attacker for the user not to notice. Spyware will not only collect information from your computer but will also cause other problems like installing software that you never downloaded, changing the setting on your computer and affecting your browser activities such that your browser is redirected. This will, in turn, cause loss of internet connection, or in other cases the internet connection will be very slow.  Your personal file may also get corrupted in the presence of spyware. Spyware will attack your computer by showing unwanted pop-up ads and redirecting your HTTP to other sites – mostly advertisement sites. Spyware might do a lot of damage to your computer, but with Avira you will be protected from spyware for the most part.

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