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Basic Programs

When selecting a free antivirus program, everyone would like the software to be perfect. Even if one malware passes through the defense, it could spell disaster for your device. There are many free antiviruses available, which can do an amazing job by detecting and blocking or removing viruses and malware, both the latest malware as well as the old ones. Basic programs will scan your device for malware and monitor it, by running in the background. They may not have some extra features, such as parental control or a firewall. In a free program, support options may not be much. However, many of the free programs also come with message boards, through which the user can get some questions answered, though he cannot access professional support.

Which is Best for You?

If you are trying to decide which antivirus package is best for you, AVG is a very good one. It uses an effective system for blocking malware and can clean up your system quite efficiently. Avast and Panda Cloud are also good options.

AVG Antivirus Free

The program is very effective and is capable of scanning your system very quickly. The interface is simple and neat, though it does come with some advanced settings. It offers a solid and fast protection for your PC.

Avast Antivirus Program

The free version of Avast Antivirus can also protect your PC very well, having a very versatile interface. It will not have much of a slowing down effect on your PC. Moreover, it has a lot to be said for its interface. It comes with many useful settings, though some might find it complex. It is very user friendly and even non-geeky users will find it comfortable to use.

Panda Cloud Free Antivirus

This is a simple and free antivirus program that is capable of stopping malware and also comes with a very simple user interface. It is quite suitable for those who do not wish to tweak any settings. It is capable of cleaning all malware and infections efficiently, but the scan speeds might be slightly slow. However, if you give more importance to simplicity rather than speed, Panda Cloud is the antivirus to select.

Avira Antivirus – Free Program

It offers a fast and effective program. The interface is, however, a little complicated and is a little technical in some parts. There are also occasional ads in the program. It is good at detecting malware and maintains a respectable speed and scan time.

Microsoft Security Essentials

This antivirus program is good in some aspects and no so good in others. The interface is clean and simple and it is more than capable of cleaning up malware. However, it performs rather slowly and goes through the tasks taking some time. The interface is very straightforward without the need for any tweaking of the settings by the user. Infections are also cleaned up very effectively. However, it may not be able to keep dangerous codes away from the computer.

PC Tools Free Program

The program does offer some benefits, but it is not very good at preventing new malware from entering. It is very effective for disinfecting your PC and can detect all types of infections present in the system and disable them. It also does not slow down the system too much, though the scanning speed is a little sluggish. The interface is simple and it is easy to use, with nicely laid out screens. However, at every point, it tends to push its paid version to the user.

Comodo Internet Security

It is the only free software that has a firewall and performs well at blocking as well as cleaning up of the system. It can also somewhat slow down file copying and takes some time for scanning files and threats.

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