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Thursday, February 26, 2015

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Free Antivirus – Why Is It Mandatory to Have Antivirus Programs Installed…

Free Antivirus – Why Is It Mandatory to Have Antivirus Programs Installed on Your PC? By – Apr 24, 2014 0 0 SHARE

The internet is an extremely useful resource that helps you in staying updated about the latest news and it simplifies a lot of chores too.

However, there are two shades to every aspect. While the internet is definitely an extremely useful resource, there are downsides to it too. The amount of cyber crime that occurs is whopping and a large part of it because people are too careless while using the internet.

How Do Antivirus Programs Help in Preventing Cyber Crime?

If you are wondering as to what use antivirus programs serves when handling cyber crime, you need to know that even the free antivirus programs come loaded with some of the best set of features. The kind of mechanism and tools that they use will thwart the attacks of intruders and hackers.

Some of the common attacks that antivirus programs can offer protection from are as follows.

• Virus infestation
• Worm attack
• Trojan attack
• Denial of service
• Infiltration of data
• Hard disk failure

These are just some of the common attacks. Intruders and unethical hackers are working round the clock to gain access to systems and once they tap your system, they will gain access to your machine. They can not only rob you of your confidential data, but they have the potential to corrupt your hard disk entirely and it can lead to complete breakdown of the machine too.

Sometimes viruses and worms can lead to denial of service attack as the entire site may crash and this has huge repercussions. You definitely do not want to a prey to such problems. This is why you should make it a point to opt for the best antivirus programs.

Free Antivirus Programs vs Paid Ones – The Right Choice?

Often a lot of people have argued that it is useless to opt for free antivirus programs because they rarely serve the need that people may have. However, this is not true. Free antivirus programs can come equipped with the best set of features which can give you full protection. There are primarily two kinds of free antivirus orgasm and we will discuss each one of them elaborately here.

Limited features: Some of the free antivirus programs offer you limited features. If you want to avail all the features, you will have to upgrade to the full version. In such cases, it can be a little tough to judge the antivirus program because you cannot enjoy all the features to come to the right judgment.

Full features, limited validity: On the other hand, there are a few antivirus programs which give you all the features, but the antivirus program is available for a limited time period exclusively. When the time period (generally one month) expires, you will either have to look for an alternative or you can choose to buy the full version.

Regardless of what you decide, make sure to have an efficient antivirus program installed on your machine lest virus attacks create major issues for you.


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