Free Calling Apps – Free VoIP Calling Brought to Facebook’s iOS Messenger App

Facebook has asked this question – Why comment, poke or message your friends when talking to them is so much easier?

Such a question has caused Facebook to update Facebook Messenger with the inclusion of a new calling feature, which is available on the IOS application. However, in order for you to get this feature for free, you must have a Wi-Fi connection.

Wi-Fi Connection

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network will enable users to make Voice over Internet calls (VoIP) at no cost whatsoever. Talking to your friends online is even easier via the iOS, Android and Windows Phone applications. However, using this feature via 3G or 4G will see you incur data charges at your standard rate, which could cause you to exceed your networks data plan especially if it is limited.

New Icons

A phone icon is included in the message threads and touching this icon will initiate a phone call. Using this service is very simple and useful just like the FaceTime Audio, which is part of Apples iOS 7 and OS mobile.

This recent news is no surprise since Facebook purchased WhatsApp Messenger and hence the rumor that it could be launching its very own VoIP service. It was not very long ago that the anticipated calling feature of WhatsApp surfaced online, thus making the recent move by Facebook and the VoIP launch inside of WhatsApp look even more likely.

However, for the moment, users of Facebook can talk to their friends via the new Internet chatting feature. In order to use this service, you will need to download the free app from the App store, thus making it available to use on the Facebook Messenger since its update.

New Features

The great thing about Facebook’s new calling feature is that it is very similar to many of the other messaging services that are available today, such as WeChat and Viber. It enables users to call their friends free as long as the connection is via Wi-Fi as already mentioned. Another addition made to the app is the call button, which is movable and if users choose to do so, they can place it within conversations next the contact’s name. (Previously, a menu hid the call button.)

Voice Calling is Nothing New

Voice calling via Facebook Messenger is part of their Messenger app, and users have had this facility since January 2013. Although, the message forwarding and preset groups feature is a recent addition to the app.

Welcome Updates

It seems that app updates are having a field day on Google Play, due to so many new additions being included in them. For example, the 4.0 version now has a Group chatting tab, allowing users to return to groups, which they have pinned in a designated section. Users can also name their groups (very much like Skype), which enables them to keep tabs of family and friends and anyone else that they want to include in their group. Another addition is the forwarding feature; this allows the user to send messages and photos within their groups and even to those people who are not in the chat at that point in time. In addition, access to conversations is even quicker, as users can add widgets to their home screen.

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