Free Download DU Speed Booster Optimizer and Mobile Cleaner

The DU speed optimizer for android is designed to clean your phone and increase the speed by close to 60%.

The DU optimizer strictly made for android phones performs three main functions; boosting the speed of the phone and ram, cleaning the apps and a free anti- virus to guarantee the protection and security of your phone. The optimizer ensures that there is enough space on your memory SD card by cleaning the storage i.e. cache and junk.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of the D.U Speed Booster Optimizer:

  1. Speed Booster.

The speed booster significantly increases the speed and working of your phone. It works by cleaning the storage and memory of your phone of all the unwanted apps, clean the background activities and this way the speed of your phone is boosted.

  1. Security and antivirus.

DU Speed booster has a free antivirus of its own. The anti-virus scans and cleans all the virus and provides security to your phone by scanning all your files and applications in the phone.

  1. The App manager

This manages, cleans and organizes your app. The app manager ensures that your phone memory is free by transferring apps and files from your phone to SD card. These actions boosts the speed of your phone due to the freed up space available.

  1. The trash cleaner.

The trash cleaner is used to clean and remove junk files from your phone and SD card to increase the speed of the phone. With just one touch you clean your phone of all the files which were left after uninstalling apps and phone catches and all this is done to boost the phones speed.

  1. Game booster.

The game booster increases the speed of your games and you get a better experience with your games. You can add the game already installed manually. The DU booster will make sure the games operate well for smooth playing.

  1. DU battery saver.

This feature conserves the battery power of your phone you simply have to switch it on. It has the ability to conserve the battery power by up to 50%.

  1. Many languages.

The DU booster comes with options of many languages including Italian, French, Indonesia, Dutch, English and many more.

Where can the DU Speed booster be used?

It is installed exclusively on android smartphone to improve the performance in terms of speed, manage memory and storage and provide security and protection of the mobile phone.

Using the DU Speed booster.

Once you download it in your phone you will have access to all the features available such as the DU battery saver, App manager, the anti-virus and many more.

You simply click on the feature you want to perform the action and with a single touch on the feature you perform the selected function. For example clicking the trash cleaner feature will instantly clean all the junk files and the caches from your phone. Just a single touch on the feature will do the action you want to do at that particular time.

The DU speed booster is definitely worth trying for all smartphone android users for phone protection and speed. It has very interesting features which are important to ensure smooth performance and operations of your phone.

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