Free Voice Call Apps – 3 Least Known Apps to Make International Calls

The world has become the size of a pea because of the internet which has been connecting billions around the globe with relative ease.

You can contact almost anyone in any part of the world through the web and voice calls are really easier than ever, with the arrival of a wide range of smartphones. The best three free voice calls apps are here to help you connect easily with your siblings, family, friends or loved ones with the tap of a button. Check them out below.

Kakao Talk

One of the lesser known free voice calling apps, Kakao Talk, is exceptionally popular in the Asian continent and has gained a strong user base over the years. The app has a nice user interface which makes it easy even for first time users. It is also available on all major platforms, including the iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone Oss, which makes it a convenient option. The voice clarity on calls is much better on this app which doesn’t stop from being just a voice calling solution but is a social media network in itself. There are so many games to play, celebrity profiles to follow and more things to do.


You may have heard about WeChat at various points, but did you know that the app supports free voice calling through various methods? Most users don’t know that this app can actually be used to make voice or video calls to not only just one, but an entire group of people. The option Live Chat feature will allow you to get this done by forming a group and making a conference call. There’s also an in-built option which makes sure only one person is allowed to talk at a time, which avoids a lot of confusion. You can also send voice messages if you need, so that the other one could receive it whenever they come online.


The app ooVoo is quite new to the market but has been gaining good recognition of late. The program not only has an option for the iOS and the Android, among other mobile platforms, but uses a desktop version of the software so that users could receive calls from almost any device. Skype and Google Hangouts do this already, but still it is noteworthy that an all new company has managed to implement this service at an early stage. You can check all the three and use the one that best fits you.











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