Free Voice Call Apps – 4 Apps to Let You Make International Calls

International calls are no longer an activity that threatens to drain your wallet or the virtual currency on your calling card.

If you have a friend or a spouse living in a different country, it used to be a really tough call to be in touch with them and it hindered relationships. But, with the arrival of so many free voice calling apps in the market, making calls is not only easy but is exceptionally cheap. If the other person also has the app installed on their smartphone or tablet, you can call them for hours, for free without any interruptions. What more can you ask for? Here, we will discuss some of the pros and cons of different popular apps in the stores.


While Skype is nothing new to the industry and has been around for so long, there are some specific features and factors that the public may not be vary off. Making landline calls or to direct mobile carriers would always cost you not only when you use Skype but when using any other app. Instead, if you have free voice calling apps installed and use the internet to make calls, international as well as local calls are absolutely free. Some recently found issues include voice drops and audio issues but we are sure there is a fix right around the corner.


This is a lesser known app because it is still gaining traction and is yet to become popular among users. Fring lets you make free voice calls and the app is available on all major operating systems including Android, iOS as well as Nokia’s operating systems. Features found in the app include free calls, group calls, texting, video calls and even free calls to mobiles or landlines up to a certain extent. It is the first one to offer this service without charging you anything.

Facebook Messenger

People know Facebook. Billions know it already, but the Facebook Messenger can actually let you make voice calls to your friends. Did you know that yet? If you don’t, it’s time to know. Just download the app on your device, find your friends who are active or online. In the message history, you will find a phone icon. Tap it to make a phone call. It’s as simple as that.


If there’s one strong competitor to Skype, it’s none other than Viber. With more emoticons and colorful interface, Viber is a great choice for non-professionals who love to have fun while they are making free voice calls.

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