Free Voice Call Apps – Cheaper Ways of Making Long Distance Calls

Two decades ago, the only method of making voice calls was through landline telephones.

In those days, making phone calls was expensive. Therefore, sending telegrams and letters was the most convenient way of communicating. More than 20 years later, different modes of communication have evolved. Today, it is possible to send texts and make calls for free. With the evolution of smartphones came the introductions of multiple apps for these phones. Some of the apps available can be used to communicate for free.

Smartphone apps for communication make it possible for users to call and text other app users for free. The calls do not use the ordinary call charge system but they make use of data connections.

There are numerous free calling apps available for different smartphone operating systems. Here are some apps you can use to make free calls to your friends and loved ones.

Facebook Messenger  

It is only recently that Facebook introduced the Facebook Messenger app that allows users to call other users for free. Facebook Messenger has been a success mostly because it pulls the already existent Facebook users to the service. With more than half the world’s population already on Facebook, contacting someone through this platform is easy. You can download this app for free. It is also free to use.


LINE is yet another popular option for calling and sending free texts for different smartphone operating systems. LINE is popular all over the world and can be used for communication between people in different states or even continents. With LINE, users can also call non-LINE users for a small fee. LINE also supports group chats and group calls and is available as a free app.

Kakao Talk

While this is yet another popular free calling application, it is not widely known or used in North America. With this app, users can text and make calls to other Kakao users for free. Kakao is a great app for group calls and chats especially for people who commonly hold conferences with people in different locations. It is ideal for different operating systems including Blackberry, iOS, Android and even Windows.


This is one of the apps that have been around for a long time. Even so, this app has been able to stand stiff competition from other apps because the developers had developed it as an app of the future. Most of the features of this application are present in most modern day apps. This service not only offers free calls to other Nimbuzz users, but it also gives users the luxury of enjoying HD call quality. Other features include the use of stickers, group chatting and text chats.


This is an app developed by MagicJack and is a free-to-use app for Android devices. This app is unique in that it makes it possible for users to contact MagicApp non-users for free. However, this free service comes with regional restrictions. Also, making calls to other MagicApp users is free.


This list would not be complete without mentioning Skype. This is also one of the very first free calling apps to be developed. As a result, Skype commands a large percentage of the people who use free calling apps. With updates being released often, it is easy to understand why Skype is one of the best free calling apps.


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