Free Voice Call Apps – Top 5 Apps for Cutting Down On Your Phone Bills

Nowadays, instead of using the normal voice call services offered by mobile phone operators, people are using applications that are cheaper and faster for making calls and sending messages. A free call app is simply a software or application that is used for making free calls. The application is downloaded and then installed in the mobile phone. Thereafter, you can use it to call other mobile phone users who have downloaded and installed that particular application.

These applications are gaining popularity because they are cheaper than making normal voice calls. Moreover, you can call anyone, anywhere in the world as long as they have downloaded the app and you both have access to the internet, be it 3G or a Wi-Fi hotspot. Discussed are some of the applications that are commonly used in making free calls on mobile phones.


This is the Number one application. It is very popular because it was the very first application to be created for free calls. This app can be found on multiple platforms – from Windows and Android phones to the iPhone. Skype provides a credit service which you can use to make calls to people on your contact list who aren’t on Skype. For those on your contact list, who are also on Skype, you can enjoy free video call services anywhere in the world.


This application is very similar to WhatsApp (the most popular messaging app). Both applications have features for sending voice messages. To do so just press and hold the button labeled talk, and once you are done release the button and press send. The only difference between the two is that WeChat has an additional feature for video chatting that is similar to that of Skype. You can make both voice calls and video calls.


This is the best application so far. Once you download and install it on your phone, it automatically synchronizes with your contact list and instantly shows you who is using the application so that you can make voice or video calls to them. It gets even better because Viber operates on data exclusively making it easy for you to make normal voice calls to those people who have not installed the app.


This app was initially created for Windows phones because they could not support Skype in the beginning. With time, it gained popularity and opened up to a larger platform of operating systems to include Android and iPhone. It is great for making voice and video calls. Downloading and using it is easy and free.


This is not your average Voice call app. It is more of a walkie-talkie system that operates more or less like the other free call apps. It is free to use, and only needs an internet connection to work – either Wi-Fi or your phone’s data plan.

Each application comes with its own uniqueness, and you can download whichever you want depending on your preference.


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