Free Voice Calls Apps – “The How” on Ditching Calling Minutes on your Mobile

If you have started updating and getting used to the free Apps on your Android phone, then free calling Apps will make it easier for you to cut down on your cell calling minutes. Here is a list of free voice calling Apps you can consider installing and downloading and completely benefit out of it.

Google Hangouts – Your Loyalty alone Counts here

All of you must have a Google email account by now. It has apparently become essential these days to maintain a Gmail account for receiving emails and sending a few. If you already hold an account with Google, then Google Hangouts is an added privilege to you. Downloading Google Hangouts App will let you talk to anyone and everyone all across the globe, provided he/she should also hold a Google account to talk with. And, in today’s world, holding a Gmail account has become very common.

MagicJack – Cast the Calling Magic

Very familiarly cherished for its quality on using home phones as VoIP phones and call calling over the internet, MagicJack also has a mobile App for free calling like Skype and Viber. It uses your Wi-Fi or mobile network to make calls and you don’t have to burn your pockets by paying for talk time anymore. You also have an option of routing calls from your home phone to your smart phone while using MagicJack.

ooVoo – Your Place to Party

oovoo is like any other free calling App. Making free video calls, voice calls and texting to anyone across the globe are the features of ooVoo. You will be using your 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, instead of the cellular calling minutes, thus saving down on money and just having an active internet package on your phone.

Tango – Make your Calling Tangy

Tango, the very famous calling and texting App again allows you to make free calls to Tango users and uses the mobile internet for other calls. Texting is completely free here. Many features like texting with your voice while your hands are busy, reposting a news of interest and gaming across with your Tango friends makes it one of the best Apps to consider, for free calling and texting.

FriendCaller – Achieve the Mileage in Calling

FriendCaller, which can be used to perform video chats as a group, VoIP and IM calls has also stepped into the field of free calling and texting like other voice call Apps. With FriendCaller, you will be able to make more than 400 global network calls along with video calling, group calling and instant messaging. Your MMS needs will also be covered if you have this App installed on your phone.

WeChat – Connect with the World

One of the fastest trending and popular Apps, WeChat allows free calling across the globe with free texting facilities. Other interesting features like shake your phone to find friends around you, drifting the bottle to repost a nice post, capturing and sharing moments on the same App with other WeChat users etc. make this App top the list of free calling Apps. With its cross-platform feature it is compatible on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian phones.

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