Get Unlimited Call Records from Skype Messenger Plus

Skype is the most well-known instant voice calling application in the industry right now.

It has cool features that will leave you amazed by how technology can be powerful, all in the palm of your hands.

Skype also boasts of an array of extras features tailored to supplement the voice calling feature.

Record your Calls on Skype

You may need evidence of your caller for one reason or the other. Free Skype call keeps every detail of your conversation so that you can replay later. It may be an interview, an investigation or just a romantic conversation that you want to play repeatedly because apparently, you cannot get enough of it.

Skype also comes with free video and audio calling that can be recorded in high quality formats. What’s more, the recording comes with unlimited time.

You do not have to start the audio or video recorder every time you want to make your Skype call. Just configure once and for all, forget it, and it will roll the tape automatically as soon as you start your conversation. The recordings that you create capture wonderful family moments that you will cherish even though you may be far away from your loved ones.

You may be a busy business traveler keen on cutting transport costs and investing the proceeds elsewhere. Skype gives you an ideal recording of business conferences in the comfort of your living room, bedroom, under a tree or wherever. In the end you will have saved on face-to-face meetings costs and sealed deals in a virtual office.


You can also send winks to your Skype mates. You can share these animations with friends and family. The non-verbal cues born from the winks are both fun and to the point such that you do more with less. Additionally, you can share real-time videos and include cool voice effects in them. You just have to let your creativity go wild. This can be done by changing themes and colors in the background that decorate your Smartphone.

Sound Effects

Skype Messenger Plus comes with a complete package of built-in sound effects for both video and audio formats. When you make calls, you can run the sound effects to complement your chat session as well as break the boredom of human voice. However, you need to preview the sound effects to ensure that they are appropriate for the time and session you are having.

Share Recordings

You can share both voice and sound calls with your pals, co-workers and family. The video calls are shared in WMV format while calls can also be shared in the same way. You can also comment on the shared files in real time.

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