Gmail – Absolutely Free Email Service That Requires No Download

Since its inception, electronic mail has come a long way and has advanced by leaps and bounds.

Email has over time evolved. From what was basically a slightly better system of instant messaging, it became an extremely powerful tool and established its foothold in the business world. It came to such a degree that it is guaranteed to always be useful and relevant. The most common practice of sending emails is in the corporate environment. This is where its reliability and ease of mass distribution make it a preferred choice for all those who want to have a perfect record of their correspondence.

Who can forget that moment when Gmail first became openly accessible to the public in 2004? Its front page had a ticker that counted up the storage available to each user. The number kept rising and rising, promising gigabytes of space. This was in an era where all the other email providers offered only the most rudimentary storage capacity. It was measured in tens of megabytes and most of it still required payment. It was immediately apparent that Gmail was going to be something special.

Why Is Gmail Better than Every Other Email Provider

Thanks to its renowned computing power and talented engineers who know how to use it, Gmail is the best there is in detecting and blocking unwanted messages (called “spam”) from reaching users’ inboxes. Unlike other email providers, seeing an advertisement in your Gmail inbox is an almost unheard of occurrence, even after a decade of usage. The brilliance of people behind Gmail doesn’t end there. You will even be stopped from sending an email in which you wrote the word “attachment” yet you didn’t upload one. These little touches show a personal passion of everyone involved in the development of Gmail, passion that always gives great results, especially when it’s combined with technical know-how.

All emails and replies to them are neatly organized into their own respective dialogue trees (called “conversations”). This means that there is no longer any need for the cumbersome task that is the hunt for the previous reply from the same sender on that exact topic. Gmail will even attempt to automatically recommend those conversations which are of greatest importance to you, based on your past reading and replying habits. So, even amidst your mail with legitimate senders, you always get the most important messages on top of your inbox.

But if You Want to, You Can Download it on Your Device

Gmail is one of those services that you simply can go to, using your web browser. But if you want faster access, customized use, and more features available, then you can download the Gmail app on your smartphone or tablet computer. On your mobile device, simply go to the app store or market, search for Gmail, and install it. It should not take a long time to finish downloading and installing.

And then, when everything is finished, you can open it and sync the information you had saved on your Google dashboard so it can reflect on your newly downloaded app. This way, you would not have to keep logging into your account; all your messages and contacts will be synced right into your device. And you will also have the option of being notified each time a message comes in. The notifications appear just like the ones for new text messages, so it’s very easy on the eyes and promotes productivity too.

The Future Seems Bright for Gmail

Over the years, Gmail has proven its worth over and over again and it is now the email service with the largest user base which just keeps growing. This is very well deserved, since it’s robust and reliable to a degree no other email provider can match.

At this moment, Gmail is being integrated with all other Google products at a steady pace. This can only be a good thing because there are fewer accounts to log in to and less hassle with forgetting your passwords.

Simple, flexible and powerful; all of these adjectives describe Gmail perfectly. But no matter what direction Gmail takes next or what feature is added to it tomorrow, one thing we can be absolutely sure of. There will never be a single piece of unwanted mail in your Gmail inbox.

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