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Friday, April 3, 2015

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Gmail Free Download App – Gamil’s Auto-complete Error Bug Will be Fixed…

Gmail Free Download App – Gamil’s Auto-complete Error Bug Will be Fixed Soon, Says Google By – Feb 26, 2015 60 0 SHARE

Google’s Gmail service is the most trusted e-mail client that both professionals and individuals rely upon.

But, when it happens to have a simple but annoying bug that sends the message to the wrong people, it could seriously frustrate a whole lot of people.

That is what happened when the address bar simply started suggesting the wrong names instead of the actual ones that the recipient wanted to reach. Most people have a habit of using the same process to find names that they use on an everyday basis.

If you contact them repeatedly, it is the one that shows on top by default. You don’t have to worry if you rely too much on Gmail because that is what over 90% of the people do because they hardly double check the address and simply click to send their mail. Recently, every message went to the wrong people instead of the ones they actually intended.

Bug Ridden Autocomplete Suggestions

A bug has now plagued the autocomplete suggestion box which is one of the significant features in Gmail. A lot of people took to the Twitter social media platform to vent out their anger. They seriously disliked the way things have been going recently because all their messages were sent to the wrong people.

The most affected of them are professionals who frequently send sensitive documents to their respective colleagues as well as journalists who were sending breaking stories to the wrong ones that easily got spread through the wrong channel.

Limited Issue

The only saving grace of the bug found in Gmail is that it is not universal. The problem has not been reported by people from around the globe but instead only by a select group of people who found that it didn’t work as it does always. The company also received news that their autocomplete column is not working and does not retrieve the names properly.

In their press statement, Google said, “We have received e-mails and messages from multiple users who said that their autocomplete is not working. It has been giving wrong suggestions because of a new bug. However, the issue is limited and the engineers are already working on it. An investigation is in progress and it will be promptly fixed. We like to apologize for any inconvenience that this problem may have caused.”

Users can recheck their interfaces because the bug might have probably been fixed by now.


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