Gmail Introduces New Inbox App, Your Personal Email Assistant

The team that created the user friendly e-mail app Gmail for Android and other platforms has now come up with an innovative idea.

The world has changed a lot and from being a simple messaging service, the electronic mail has become a personal identity for every individual. You just can’t live without it anymore because everything right from bank accounts, flight tickets and client communications are integrated into it. But, the app and online service has always been the same by being passive and only gives you info when you search for it. Inbox is an entirely new take on it from the Gmail team and it is now available in limited access to select people in the U.S.

Integrating Your E-mails

When you start going through the new app released by Google, you will most probably opine that it looks like a combination of Gmail and Google Now. But, as a matter of fact, it is capable of doing much more than what you expect it to do. It is a smart Inbox, as the company calls it and the video designed to show its features confirm the same. Instead of being passive, the app will automatically retrieve and group all your flight tickets together.

It will keep track of your travel plan and notify you if there are any changes. Similar to Google Now, Inbox will also retrieve information from the web to show flight delays, traffic when you are going to the airport and help you book connecting flights if required to reach your destination properly.

Categorizing Better

While Gmail is quite good as an app, it still overflows with too much content which is why the new Inbox app aims to categorize them based on the time of the event. Instead of cramming them up, based on the content of the e-mail and the timing, it will automatically split it and prioritize when delivering it to you. It splits all the messages into cards just like how Google Now does which makes it easy to sort them out.

For users who are seriously stuck in the cluttered interface for the apps, this is a new era of inbox and if it becomes a hit, we can surely say Google innovated it one more time which will soon be followed by everyone else. Based on user response, we assume the new version of Gmail might soon incorporate this design on mobile devices.


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