Go SMS Pro for Android Users – Schedule SMS, Block Ads and Many Other Exciting Features

Go SMS pro is a really cool messaging app for Android that has to-die-for features that take messaging to a whole new level.

SMS is the next vital task phones are used for, other than making calls and here’s why Go SMS pro should be the messaging app on your Android phone.

Schedule SMS

This is one of the features in this messaging app that makes this app stand out. Suppose you want to wish your love a happy valentines exactly at midnight or you want to send a periodic reminder to someone. This feature comes in handy in such situations making messaging on your android insanely amazing. To schedule a message on Go SMS, pull up the menu and select schedule from the services tab. Then select a new schedule from the menu.

The next step is to now compose the SMS, provide the contact information and set the future date and time you want to send the SMS. To make the SMS periodic, click on the repetition drop down menu and select the type of repetition you want. After completing this, click on the commit button to save the settings.

Block Ads

This app effectively shuts out annoying and loud advertisements which waste the time of the user. Should the user prefer the adverts they are free to enable and run in their messenger.

Diverse Options

Long pressing a particular text pops up various uses such as delete, forward, copy, lock and share the text. When a text is locked, it is protected and cannot be deleted unless it is unlocked by the owner. You might want to share exciting text messages. This is well catered for by Go SMS.

You can also send and receive a message. When the application counts down, you should be ready to start speaking. On the “type to compose” tool bar you can include non verbal messages by use of emoticons. This not only brings out fun but also enables you to say much with less symbols and signs.

Multilingual App

Go SMS pro is a multi-lingual application that can use languages ranging from English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, to Swedish, Portuguese and Polski among others. It is therefore suitable for many users across the world. To select your preferred language, go to the pull up menu and then drop down to applications. The multilingual capability taps from a wide customer base, thus giving Go SMS an edge over the applications which use less languages and even greater upper hand against the monolinguals which prefer English only.

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