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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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Google Android vs Microsoft Windows – Which Do You Prefer?

Google Android vs Microsoft Windows – Which Do You Prefer? By – Nov 2, 2014 0 0 SHARE

There are a lot of mobile devices on the market today. You can select the best device that is good for your needs easily. You also need to consider the operating system of your mobile device. Google Android and Microsoft Windows are two most common operating systems on the market today.

Both platforms have their own features and benefits that are good for all users. Before you make any decision to choose the right system for yourself, you need to compare those systems. You need to take a look at some features from Google Android and Microsoft Windows.

Google Android

  1. Supports many apps

This is the main benefit that is provided by Android. This system can support many applications that are available today. You can find many types of apps on the Google Play easily. When you need to enjoy your life with some of your favorite apps, you can consider using Android phone today. Most apps are available for free, so you can download them to your mobile device immediately.

  1. Easy to configure

It is very easy to configure this platform. There is no complicated procedure that you have to do when you want to operate Android operating system. Many people are interested with Android because of this flexible option. Google offers good level of customization for all Android users.

  1. Good looking system

This is another feature that is provided by this platform. Android is well-known for its good looking system. Most Android phones usually have easy navigation system. It means that you can move from one app to another app easily. You don’t have to spend your time for learning about how you can operate this operating system.

Microsoft Windows

  1. Secure operating system

Many people want to use Microsoft Windows phone because they are interested with its secure system. Microsoft is still developing the best security system for their phones. As the result, there is no significant threat that can affect your experience with Windows Phone negatively. You can rely on the security system of your Windows phone.

  1. Simple system

This system is specially created for all Windows users. All users will be familiar with the simple system provided by Microsoft. This simple system is very useful to help all beginners to learn about this operating system. You should be able to adapt to this system quickly and immediately.

  1. Regular updates

Microsoft is still adding some new features to the system. When you are using Windows phone, you are able to get regular updates from Microsoft. These updates can help you achieve all benefits and features from your Windows phone. Windows 10 is the latest operating system that is provided by Microsoft for all Windows phone users.

They are some essential details about Android and Windows phone. You need to compare both platforms before choosing the right system for yourself. Choosing the right operating system can help you get maximum benefits from your mobile device. You can compare all available features before you choose the best platform for your mobile device. Both Android and Windows have their own benefits for all users.


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