Google Chrome Download Free For The First Time

Back in 2008, Google introduced Google Chrome for the first time.

Since then it has steadily gained popularity. Today, this browser takes up a large portion of internet users as many people find it more convenient and efficient compared to its competitors. As such, Google has managed to uphold its reputation for churning out great apps.

Even though Google Chrome has borrowed a lot from other browsers, it has managed to improve those features and bring them together as one. Its appeal is derived from its user-friendly features and efficiency. Loading a page is fast, and navigating through it is seamless. This has made it easy for Google Chrome to interact with other web apps like PDF reader and Flash.

To top it off, it comes with synchronizing capabilities between the PC browser and mobile browser. This way, creating bookmarks and saving favorites is easy.

Google Chrome’s Form and Functionality

The Google Chrome browser gives you both form and functionality. Form refers to the layout, which is highly intuitive and very well organized. It also is simple, with a minimalist look and feel. You can make navigation and search commands from one box. This browser also allows you to create shortcuts to web apps of your choice. These are the apps that you frequently use. You can place them on your desktop for easier access.

Synchronizing Features

Through a Google account, you can now sync extensions or preferences like bookmarks. Once you do, you will be able to access them from any computer or device once you have logged into your Google account. Consequently, you can use any device to access your preferences.

This browser also comes with tab browsing. You will be able to duplicate or re-arrange tabs and even drag them to be able to open new windows with just a few clicks. The tabs also work separately – if one crashes the rest will not be affected.

Additionally, clicking on a link that is in a tab, a new tab will open, and it will be right next to the original one. This makes it easy for you to organize tabs and keep related tabs together.

Some Privacy and Security Features


If you are looking for a browser that allows you to browse anonymously, then Google Chrome is it. You have the option of enabling incognito mode. When you browse in this mode, the browser will not track your activities as you maneuver through websites.

That is not all – incognito mode also ensures that all passwords and cookies of your browsing sessions are deleted. Google Chrome also gives you the option of browsing in both an incognito and normal mode simultaneously. You can switch from one mode to the other with ease thus enabling browsing privacy whenever you want it.


Chrome is one of the safest and most secure browsers of all time. It has built-in phishing and malware protection. It also has automatic updates so your device will have up-to-date fixes. Should you happen to come across a site filled with malware, Google Chrome automatically displays a sign warning you of the threats.

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