Google Chrome – Your Free Download May Soon Have a New Bookmarking Feature

Bookmarking makes your life simpler.

Just as you bookmark the page on the book you are reading, you can also bookmark a website or a webpage to revisit it easily later. This is a convenient feature that every browser offers today, but Google Chrome is taking it a step further. It is trying to make your browser much simpler than ever before so that your browsing experience becomes more convenient.

Google Stars – The New Bookmarking Feature

This is a brand new feature that Google is testing for Chrome. This new feature will allow users to bookmark any content. This means that you will now have the ability to bookmark emails, reports, images, webpages and anything you want to. Earlier, the feature was called Google Collections and it allowed you to collect a lot of materials from the internet. The feature was a mix of Pinterest, and sharing software such as Dropbox. However, Google Collections would have been very image rich, with a much more robust user interface to give you the best user experience you could have.

What Will Google Stars Do?

The new bookmarking feature will most likely be announced later this year, after it has been thoroughly tested. This new feature will be able to select area so that you can bookmark it. This means that you will not have to bookmark entire sites or webpages when all you need is very specific content from them. You will be able to select an area and bookmark it. You will also be able to drag and drop it into your bookmarks collection so that it is stored there. All your Google Stars will be private by default. However, if you want, you can set your folder public or make sub folders and make some of them public. This way, you can share the content you bookmarked with people you interact with, friends or family. This is a great way for Google to organize all your bookmarks neatly, just the way does. Google will also be able to detect spam more easily, and mark dead pages. It will also be able to detect patterns in the content and you can categorize all the content you ‘star’, into special filters and categories.

Verdict on Google Stars

Though bookmarking has always been an intrinsic feature of browsing, it was never this easy. You could not bookmark specific content or images and emails. However, with stars, all of this is much easier than before. You will no longer have to search for the content you bookmarked, just because you had to bookmark an entire page or an entire website. The area select tool will certainly be more helpful than any bookmarking facility has ever been. You can leave it to Google to take something simple and make it even simpler. Since the ‘star’ will now be added to all of Google’s services and apps, you can use it with maps, emails, drive, and anything you want. This will simplify your world and your online browsing experiences.

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