Google Docs – Fully Utilize Your Google Docs and Boost Your Productivity

It should not be a surprise that some companies or small businesses started to use Google Docs as part of their main productivity tool.

This browser based solution offered by Google proves to be much more cost effective. For regular users it is free but the paid package that was built for commercial use comes with plenty more features that fit quite well in a corporate environment.

What Google Docs Can Do For You

  1. Portability

Google likes cloud services and mobile apps. Google Docs is the perfect example of what it means to only need a browser to work on spreadsheets or have documents available on any device. Having the documents stored on the Google Drive means easy access to files on tablets, laptops, mobile phones and other device with browser support.

  1. File Protection

All files in Google Docs are private by default. Users also get the option to download the file to their local machine and remove it from the web which makes it even more secure. File administration is done in Google Drive which also makes it easy to share a document or a folder with another user or with a group of users.

  1. Publishing

Files created with Google Doc can be published on embedded into a website. Spreadsheets offer even more flexibility. Charts, trends and graphs can be embedded into pages to help track metrics and KPIs in real time. To update them with new data all it takes is to just update the data in the spreadsheet. In addition, spreadsheets offer the option to share each individual sheet. For example someone can share a chart but to mark as private all other sheets that might contain the data.

  1. Customization And Add-ins

Just like in Microsoft Office, Google Docs supports Visual Basic scripts. Small businesses can develop their own macros that can be executed directly in Google Docs.

  1. Full Compatibility With Similar Applications

Google Docs supports any type of XLS, DOC, PPT, PSD and other document formats. This makes it an excellent tool that can help share documents across multiple organizations regardless of the productivity tools used.

Is It Ready To Be Adopted By Businesses?

Google Docs is affordable. A company would have to pay about $5 per month per user or $50 per year which makes it much more cost effective for a business when compared with the solutions provided by Microsoft. The package includes corporate email, 24/7 support, additional security features, integrated calendars and even voice and video calls.

The benefits do not end here. Being fully browser based, Google Docs needs modest hardware to run. It works perfectly on inexpensive Chromebooks and even tablets. Small businesses can save money by spending less on hardware and licenses which is what every startup needs: low costs and flexible productivity tools.

To sum things up it is safe to say that Google Docs is a solution that was designed to be ready for the future. It has full cloud support, offers mobility and portability, it is inexpensive and can do everything that other similar apps do but much better.

Also, Google Docs makes it extremely easy to share files which is quite important especially for businesses when multiple people need the same information.

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